Saturday, June 13, 2009

Thanks NANAW!

On Friday, I went to my Nanaw's (grandma Tanguy's) house so she could HELP me make some curtains for the nursery. I was able to pick out the fabric and ribbon--which I matched almost EXACTLY to the new bedding. (The bedding has a lot of PINK, so I decided that yellow for curtains would look nice and the green accent ribbon would match the new changing pad cover). I am NO Martha Stewart and really didn't know much about how to make a valance. I thought I could just go over there and we'd start up the sewing maching and have them done in an hour. I didn't realize that you have to iron them, pin the edges, sew the edges, then do the same process over for the hem on the top and bottom of the valance!!! It was nice to spend the day with Nanaw, and SHE did a fabulous job making these beautiful valances for Mia's room!! The best part of it all was that she fed me lunch after we were done--HOMEMADE chicken and noodles, grapes and PUMPKIN PIE!!! YUM!!
The new changing pad cover!!!!!
Haley participated in the 14th Annual River City Triathlon in Logansport this morning! She was on a team with Kate and Kacy Hopper! Haley was the swimmer, Kacy biked and Kate ran. Haley started in the 1st wave of swimmers--which included males. I am proud to say that she was one of the TOP 10 swimmers to make it up to the transition area to tag Kacy! After not swimming for over 4 months and having a baby 3 months ago--that's pretty impressive if you ask me!! :)

LOGANSPORT Girls who participated in the Triathlon!!!
Haley, Kate, Leeann, Kacy & Shelly!

She's pretty pathetic!!!
This is what Zoe does everyday all day long. She's not going to be the little princess much longer! :)

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Sara said...

Those curtains are so cute!!! I just love how they look against the wall. :)

Congrats to your sis - that is a huge accomplishment for being just 3 months postpartum!!