Thursday, April 11, 2013

Tball, Selena Gomez, Lorax, Cheese

As I sit here updating my blog, I can hear Dane crying, "mommy, daddy!!!!" from his crib. He played me. BIG TIME. He used to go to bed like a champ. Awake. No fussing.
Then, he realized he knew a lot of words and started talking-A Lot.
He roped me in ONE night saying to me as I went to lie him down, "mama, rock." So, of course, we rocked. I soaked it up, he fell asleep, I snuggled. I Loved it.
Now, I've created a bedtime monster.
We are on minute 14 now, still sobbing. I'm holding strong. He's got 6 more minutes to CALM DOWN AND GO TO SLEEP! :):)
Anyway, back to the reason for this post.
Mia began Tball this week (Monday). She really hasn't been in any activities that require COORDINATION. So, I was super proud when I was able to catch this on video! 

Uncle Blaine and Aunt Jenn brought all of the big kids a crab home from Florida.
Mia named her crab Selena Gomez.
Daddy went and bought a new home and some fancy food/water dishes on Monday night.
She was dead by Wednesday.
Goodbye Selena Gomez. Rest in peace.
Mia received a fish from the Easter Bunny. This is not the original "Easter fish". Yep, you are following #1 died the day after Easter. Daddy went and bought a new fish on Monday before we got home. No harm, right?
Lorax is still holding up and Mia loves him.
Literally. Dane brought me this pretend piece of cheese. Mia grabbed my camera off of the table and said cheese mommy and Dane!
Pretty funny :)