Monday, July 28, 2008

The reality of a changed life.....

As we visit you at 4 months today

We find your headstone.....

No memories of smiles and cries

a spot in the grass is where you lie.

Our hearts remain empty,

Our hope holds high.

Missing you so, as each day goes by.

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Just thinkin' about.....tomorrow

4 months......

A framed poem Jeremy's late grandma Pat left for us.... (also lost her precious baby boy)

The master gardener from Heaven above,
Planted a seed in the garden of love.
A rosebud small
That never had time
To open at all.
For God in his perfect and all-wise way,
Chose this rose for his Heavenly bouquet.
And great was the joy of this tiny rose,
To be the one our Father chose.
To leave earth's garden for one on high,
Where roses bloom and never die...
So, while you can't see
Your precious rose bloom,
You know that great gardener
From the upper room
Is watching and tending
This wee rose with care,
Tenderly touching each petal so fair...
So think of your darling
With angels above
Secure and contented
And surrounded by love.
And remember God blessed
And enriched your lives, too
For in dying, your darling brought
Heaven closer to you.


Friday, July 25, 2008

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Our fortune cookie.....

I sure hope we do!

No Identity Rocks!

Me, Haley
and Missy

Me singing
into Haley's
choir trophy

Haley and
Jeremy with
her Choir

our IVPF

Me and

Emily, Me,
Haley and

Emily and

Me and Emily

Justin and me

Jeremy and me

We had a night out in Peru Saturday to listen to Jeremy's band play! Haley and Justin, Missy and Mark, and Emily and myself all came out to see him! We all think he's a rockstar!! Just a few pics to share with all of you--show you what you're missing out on!

Florida and a little rain

Lion at the zoo!

Donny and

at the beach
even though it
was very rainy

love it

us at the

Jeremy and I
at sunset

Me and Adriane
at the beach

Me and Jeremy
in Tin City


Jeremy and I just got back from our vacation down to Naples, Florida! We went down to visit my cousin and her husband! We flew in on Saturday afternoon and as soon as we got into our rental car it started to downpour. Needless to say, it rained 5 days STRAIGHT. We knew that there were 'showers' in the afternoons in Florida, but I had never seen it rain like it did while we were there. We had plans to take a catamaran to visit Key West one day, travel to Marco Island and possibly take a trip to the Everglades. INSTEAD........we hung out and relaxed A LOT! It was nice for Jeremy because he enjoys doing a lot of nothing on vacation! But by about the 3rd day of rain we were both so over it! We jumped in the car and drove to Ft. Lauderdale for the day--hoping to see some sunshine! As we drove across the state the weather got a little brighter each mile--thank goodness!! We were actually able to find the college I will be attending for graduate school and walked around the campus a bit. We had some lunch, drove around and then headed back home!

We were able to go to the Naples Zoo one day, but it did rain while we were there!! They have a very nice zoo and lots of mosquitos as well! After 5 days of rain the sun finally came out and we hit the pool the first day of sunshine! I got fried, but didn't care....I just wanted to be in the sun! Our second day of sun--and last day in FL--we all 4 went to the beach and swam in the GULF. I say GULF because I was corrected that it wasn't the 'ocean'. :)

We also played a lot of tennis while we were there. Jeremy and I played singles one evening and then we played doubles a few times with Donny and Adriane. Let me tell you...even at 10:00 in the morning it is hotter than crap in southern Florida! We were all dripping in sweat and finally called it a day and hit the showers!

We had a wonderful time and are greatful that Donny and Adriane opened up their home to us. THANK YOU! :)

Love you all!

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

It's Wedding Season!

Me and Jeremy
at Steve's wedding

Amy, Me, and Stacey
The "bros'-ho's"

Jeremy and his
fraternity gang

Hi Again!!!

Wow! It is July already! Where has the summer gone? It has been the summer for weddings! First my brother, then Jeremy's sister and now Jeremy's fraternity brother! We have one more to go and it is in August!

We are getting ready for our trip to Ft. Myers Florida! We are going to stay with my cousin Adriane and her NEW husband Donny! We haven't ever been down in that area of Florida so we are excited to see them and just get away for a week. Plan on hanging out with them, relaxing at the beach and pool and see what Ft. Myers has in store for us!

We just got a 'new' riding lawnmower that my dad fixed up for us! It's new to us, but it's an older mower--doesn't matter though, cuts the mowing time in half!

We had a good 4th holiday. Spent part of the day at Butcher's and played some softball then went to Jeremy's aunt's house for a cookout and then to my parents/sister's house for fireworks!

Hope you all had a good weekend!

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

New Friends and old ones

VP angel moms
DeAnna & Me

Met on the VP
discussion group!

Sara in from

Huge moment--
back into

What a weekend it was!!! My 'weekend' began on Thursday. I finally got to meet my "internet friend" (sounds kinda creepy) DeAnna. We met through the Vasa Previa discussion group--realized we were both from Indiana and just had to meet! She is way cool and someone who I can share my tears and laughs with about Connor and his death. Noone else in this world understands better than she does. We're both a bit goofy, sarcastic and airheaded at times--so it's a perfect match! We are doing our best right now to get the word out about Vasa Previa. If we can help prevent just one baby from losing it's life to Vasa Previa, then we will feel like we made a difference.

After meeting DeAnna I headed to the airport to pick up my friend, Sara, from Denver!!! She came to visit!!! It was originally planned that she would come out this summer to meet Connor, but we those plans changed and she came to hang out with me! We visited Purdue, went to our favorite bar--HARRY'S--met up with one of our other past roommates, Maria, and had a blast! After Purdue we went to go listen to Jeremy's band play. He's a rockstar and I'm so proud of him!! She headed back home on Monday, but will be back again in August! :) YAY!

Big milestone for me....I FINALLY got back into my 'pre-pregnancy' jeans! Ugh. After gaining 40 lbs during my pregnancy with Connor, I thought that those jeans were long gone. I have 6 lbs to go until we start trying for Baby Hall #2!!!

We are in the process of organizing a memorial 5K run/walk for Connor's 1st birthday--March 28, 2009. If anyone would like to volunteer their time, we'd love to have you there!

Hope everyone is doing well!