Wednesday, July 2, 2008

New Friends and old ones

VP angel moms
DeAnna & Me

Met on the VP
discussion group!

Sara in from

Huge moment--
back into

What a weekend it was!!! My 'weekend' began on Thursday. I finally got to meet my "internet friend" (sounds kinda creepy) DeAnna. We met through the Vasa Previa discussion group--realized we were both from Indiana and just had to meet! She is way cool and someone who I can share my tears and laughs with about Connor and his death. Noone else in this world understands better than she does. We're both a bit goofy, sarcastic and airheaded at times--so it's a perfect match! We are doing our best right now to get the word out about Vasa Previa. If we can help prevent just one baby from losing it's life to Vasa Previa, then we will feel like we made a difference.

After meeting DeAnna I headed to the airport to pick up my friend, Sara, from Denver!!! She came to visit!!! It was originally planned that she would come out this summer to meet Connor, but we those plans changed and she came to hang out with me! We visited Purdue, went to our favorite bar--HARRY'S--met up with one of our other past roommates, Maria, and had a blast! After Purdue we went to go listen to Jeremy's band play. He's a rockstar and I'm so proud of him!! She headed back home on Monday, but will be back again in August! :) YAY!

Big milestone for me....I FINALLY got back into my 'pre-pregnancy' jeans! Ugh. After gaining 40 lbs during my pregnancy with Connor, I thought that those jeans were long gone. I have 6 lbs to go until we start trying for Baby Hall #2!!!

We are in the process of organizing a memorial 5K run/walk for Connor's 1st birthday--March 28, 2009. If anyone would like to volunteer their time, we'd love to have you there!

Hope everyone is doing well!


Heidi said...

Hey Mandy and Jeremy....Mandy don't know if you remember me but I grew up across the street from your Grandma Tanguy my whole life and was in the Queen court with your sis Haley for Iron Horse but anyway I know Jeremy because he was my prom date my senior year :) Wow I'm getting old thinking back of the days when we were young lol! Anyway, I wanted to say I would love to help you get going on fundraising and advertising for your walk/run for Connor. I think it is a beautiful tribute for such an amazing cause and love for your child. I currently work in Kokomo at Bona Vista which is a non-profit organization and we do tons of outreach community organizations. I also run an outreach/self help group on myspace which I believe you Mandy accepted my friend request (Broken Mirror). I have so many avenues to help get the word out and we also do air time on both Kokomo radio stations to promote any upcoming fundraisors or events. Please let me know anything I can do to help or run errands or stuff envelopes to help get this off the ground. I know with the death of my best friend Carissa my senior year we were able to then add a scholoarship in her name. That could be a cool thing to look into and give to a high school graduate going to Purdue since you both went there. Let me know or just if you want to talk ideas I have a TON from working in the social services field. My cell # is 765-480-6596 or email me at I also have yahoo IM and hotmail MSN its under foreveryourlove_9

Heidi VanZee

crazy/beautiful said...

I just found that you were blogging again! And I want you to know I'm in for supporting a Connor-thon. Keep me in the loop, love!