Monday, March 18, 2013

Dane's videos

 His speech and language skills have blossomed SO much the past 2 months. He does have a pretty good teacher--his big sister, Mia!
Unfortunately, there's no way around him playing barbies. But when he plays barbies, he can at least play with the rough and tough "Mike" barbie :)

Happy Burger. PEOPLE. Barney. I dunno. Lots of jibber jabber. Pad. I want iPad. 
Dane Alexander, you've stolen your mama's heart.

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Lazy day

 We realllllly want spring (or just warm weather in general) to get here so we can go OUTSIDE! While we wait for daddy to get home we are just spending our Sunday afternoon coloring and enjoying one another.
The kids have been soooo good for mommy while daddy has been away! (for the most part!) :)
He has to do AND say everything his big sister does and says.
 "Mama, color, broke." Yep, buddy, these aren't trucks you crash. We've gotta be EASY!
 So far, from what I have "quizzed" him on, he knows green, yellow and pink!
Without these 2, there would be no reason to get up everyday.
Mama loves you two more than you will EVER know. <3 p="">

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Mothers of Baby Angels

My friend, Robin Huffman, and I are starting up a bereavement group for mother's who have lost a baby. Our first meeting is next week. If you or a friend would like to attend, please pass along the following information:

Mothers of Baby Angels
We would like to share with you a new support group that will begin in March 2013. This support group will reach out to mothers who have lost their babies. This support group will be open to all mothers who have experienced the death of a baby from any cause. Our hope is to reach out to seasoned grievers as well as the newly bereaved. By meeting once a month, group members will be free to talk about their children who have died; the emotions they are going through; the painful, tho...ughtless comments that may have been made to them; discussing their feelings of sadness, guilt, or anger—subjects no one else wants to hear them talk about. We will also discuss the progress they are making and ways of coping that have been helpful to them. This group will honor all religious and non-religious affiliations. Meetings will be held in a church facility.
Oftentimes, mothers feel they are coping effectively with their loss, as well as those discouraged by a lack of progress. We understand that there are no instant solutions, no easy answers, and no timetable for grieving. There is comfort in the sense of direction found through knowledge and understanding of the grief experience. Bereaved mothers are able to find hope, healing, and the will to survive. We hope to help each other through those milestone dates, those hard to handle holidays and even those “I can’t get out of bed” kind of days.
Our first meeting will be all about meeting you and your baby(ies). Please feel free to bring pictures, ultrasound photos, and /or a favorite piece of memorabilia. We hope that you find a sense of peace in talking about your child, like we do.
If you have any questions please contact Robin Huffman (574-721-3367) or Mandy Hall (765-532-0808) RSVP’s are welcome, but not needed
First Meeting:
MOB Squad Meeting: March 19, 2013 at 7:00 pm
Lifegate Church, 831 Burlington Ave., Logansport, IN 46947
To the World You’re Just One Person, but to One Person You’re the World!

Tuesday, March 12, 2013


 With the nasty flu :(
Sunday, Monday, Tuesday.....

After bath Monday night--snuggling on mama. Breaks my heart. She asked me, did I get so sick??
 Monday night was scary. She was sleeping in bed with Jeremy and I was out on the couch. Jeremy came and got me around 1:30 to tell me Mia's heart was racing, she was delirious and her legs and arms were shaking. After a call to the (RUDE) pediatrician on call, I knew that she would be ok after a dose of ibuprofen and a popsicle. I had to make sure her heartrate wasn't over 200, so I sat in bed and kept an eye on it till around 3 a.m.
She is doing MUCH better today (Tuesday). Keeping down liquids and food! Just really sleepy!
One more day home with her daddy and *hoping* she will be good to go back and see all of her friends on Thursday!
Off to bed--I'm one tired mama.

Sunday, March 3, 2013


I have a friend. She had a baby (Parker). Her baby died. I had a baby (Connor). He died. We met online. (weird, right?) We became instant friends; Like we had known each other for a very long time. Her daughter's cause of death--Vasa Previa. Same as Connor's.
2 moms. 2 babies. 2 stories(2 very similar stories). 1 pair of shoes--a pair we share together. Shoes we can't ever separate. Shoes we can't ever take off. We can't ever give away. We wear them forever. She wears one shoe, I wear the other. Together we are a pair.
She's my one friend who knows exactly how I feel. I love her dearly.
Every March we get together with our babies we had after our losses.
We have made it a tradition to have St. Patty's day pics taken. Why? I'm not exactly sure. We did it one year; it was unique. We just unspokenly know that in March we set a date and get their pictures done.
Here they are through the years.
These 2 seriously can't get any cuter together.
"You sham-rock my world."  -ds