Sunday, March 29, 2009

Connor's 5K Run/Walk

Here are just a few pictures from Connor's 5k

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Happy Birthday Connor James.

Happy Birthday Sweet Baby Boy. Mom and Dad miss and love you so much.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Retail Therapy

My new Coach purchase!!! This will double as a diaper bag/purse! Today my friend, DeAnna, and I went up to Michigan City to do some shopping. DeAnna is part of the 'club'...the club nobody likes to be in... She had a daughter on August 15, 2007, named Parker. Parker, like Connor, died due to vasa previa. Our labor and delivery stories are almost identical, it's scary. There is noone else in the world that understands how much my heart hurts like DeAnna. She's a victim of Vasa Previa--a totally PREVENTABLE condition that really ISN'T that rare; 1:2500. We have, probably what some people call, a weird relationship.....When we are together all we talk about are our babies and how unfair it is that they are not here with us. We can share our frustrations, tears, laughs and crazy sarcastic jokes with one another. She has definitely been a huge part of my ongoing healing process. I had such a great day with her shopping and talking and remembering our sweet little angels. Thanks for being my DBF, DeAnna :) Love you lots!
And I can't forgot about my friend, Ellyn. She too, is in the 'club'. We share a different bond with our losses.... She had a baby boy named Eli. Eli was born on March 28, 2007. If you haven't realized's because her sweet angel shares a birthday with Connor. Somehow, I came across her blog, we exchanged emails....I vented, she comforted me. She is an amazing woman with a heart of gold. I was so excited when I had a package in the mail from her today. Not knowing what to expect, I opened it up and found these....
This is a Birthday bear that was given to her on, what would have been, Eli's 1st birthday. When Seth, her next born after Eli, was born and being taken care of in the NICU this bear was in there representing Eli watching over Seth. (We will be doing the same when baby Hall arrives in July) Seth was born premature and had a few health issues shortly after he arrived. Seth is now deaf and is a good candidate for cochlear implants. This is a very expensive surgery and they are in the process of raising money to help defer the cost of his implants. They are selling these bracelets for $5 to help fund his surgery. If you would like to help support Ellyn and her family, visit her blog.

Here is beautiful Seth, who will SOON hear!!!
May you have a peaceful Saturday as you remember sweet Eli in the beautiful streets of New York City. Will be thinking of you all day. Much love and many hugs to you and your family.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Weigh in Wednesday, Week 23!

Here is a onesie Jeremy's Aunt Becky got for the little Hall girl! :) She won't be spoiled at ALL!
Here was the belly at 22 weeks!
And a more popped belly at 23 weeks!!!
This week has be VERY busy getting everything ready and organized for Connor's Birthday run on Saturday! This week the scales read in at 149 lbs!! I am amazed at the LACK OF weight I have gained compared to my pregnancy with Connor! That's a total of 7 lbs this pregnancy. Jeremy's mom has been staying with us since Monday. She had to have a back procedure done and came back to our house to take it easy instead of driving all of the way back to Evansville and then back up for the run. She has been helping me entertain the 3 dogs that we have at our house!!! Merlin, Zoe and Beans!! Beans has been such a good little pup!
That's all for now, I'm going to give my body and brain a rest!

Monday, March 23, 2009

Pray for Stellan

First and foremost.... Please, please pray for baby Stellan. Although I have never met MckMama, I follow her life, her kids, her stories. She's a tremendous woman who needs as much prayer as possible for her sick little baby boy.
And now on to something more positive...
The CUTEST little guest at Mark and Missy's Wedding!

Jayden hanging out with the bride!
Missy and DREW!!
Jayden got to snuggle with Aunt Mandy, too!
Jeremy and I at Mark and Missy's wedding

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Lazy Saturday

Someone loves cottage cheese :)
I had a Saturday to sleep in (I missed aerobics even!) to catch up on laundry, cleaning and relaxing. My sister in law works at a daycare in Carmel--some moms have given her some baby girl clothing and I went through them and sorted them by sizes today!
Jeremy and I were in the newspaper last Sunday! The pharostribune did an excellent article on Connor's 5k.

I stopped to pick up a race entry from Haley's mother in law, Jodie. While I was there she had a couple of gifts for the baby girl--and ME :) Here is a bracelet she got me that says "faith". I added it to my bracelet collection...
Here is one of the outfits she got for the little Hall girl.
And another one that says "my daddy loves me" :) She's going to be spoiled rotten!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Weigh in Wednesday!!

Lots of things going on here in the Hall house!!! I had a very productive weekend! Although, I was quite lonely.... :( Jeremy was in Indy all weekend watching the Big 10 tournament--which by the way--Our BOILERMAKERS WON!!!!! HAIL PURDUE!!!! Jeremy called me on Sunday before he was heading home and told me that our (his) garmin had been stolen out of his truck! He thinks he might have left it unlocked when he got to Indy on Thursday..... So here is our new garmin!
A couple things to notice here.... I had Mom, Dad, Haley, Justin, Jayden, Blaine, Jenn and Brennan over on Saturday afternoon to help get some race things organized. Here sits 124 pre-stuffed race bags! We set up an assembly line and it worked quite well! THANK YOU ALL for coming over to help! LOVE YOU!
ALSO, Blaine and Justin hung up my punching bag!!!! Jeremy bought the hardware needed to get it hung up, but never had the opportunity to get it up (it's a heavy bag and I wouldn't let him try to do it by himself--and I can't lift it!) So now when I have a day where I need to take out some frustration....I can go down to the basement and beat the crap out of my bag with my hot pink boxing gloves Haley got me for my bday! :)

Here is the table we used when we had our assembly line set up. Things are more cleaned up now....but we will set the shop back up next week!! Hopefully my workers will come back!
Jenn was in charge of organizing the t-shirts and getting the correct shirts into the bags! We don't have many leftover--so I put in another order today!!! Instead of the first 100 runners getting shirts, it will be more like 175-200 will receive a shirt. And if we don't have 200 runners, and we have leftover shirts, we will sell them at the race!
Here are the numbers that the runners/walkers will wear for the race!!!
Here is the results board that I worked on for an hour tonight!!! The part that really stinks is that it only holds 132 tags....and we have over 132 participants as of I will have to go to Wal-Mart and buy another board and draw lines again!!!!!
We received a package in the mail today--I love getting mail! The card specifically said we needed to open it together, so I waited for Jeremy to get home and we opened the package from Denver together! Sara said that she wanted to get a little something for "Jeremy" that our little girl can wear. He thought these onesies were so cool! As did I, too! SUPER CUTE!! I can't wait for her to wear them to support her daddy!
No Identity is the name of Jeremy's band :)
Here was my belly back at 22 weeks with Connor!
And here is my belly with the little gal at 22 weeks!!!
I have been feeling great!!! Lots of movement from this little one!! She is constantly flipping and flopping!! Never wakes me up at night, but she's quite active most of the day! I think she especially likes it when mommy eats sycamore ice-cream! :) The scale read in today at 148! I have maintained weight! Still have only gained 6 lbs so far! I'm still teaching aerobics MWF and really enjoy it! I try and kick my own butt so I don't feel guilty for eating junk food--because if you know me--I live off of junk food! Jeremy thinks I have a problem! HAHA! My adult swim meet is coming up on April 4th, so I need to make sure I'm in the pool a few times a week! I'm swimming 2 relays and the 50 yard backstroke!!! It will be so fun to be back in the water competing!!! After the swim meet, I will be getting ready for the 5k run down in Indy the same day as the mini marathon! It will most likely be one of the last races I run until after I have the baby! And I will hopefully be back in shape to start running all of the races for the upcoming fall!

Saturday, after Haley was done helping with race stuff, I took her away from her baby boy to go get pampered! We both got pedicures and massages from our chairs! We hadn't gotten our toes done since December--and if you remember, my toes were mangled by some guy who didn't know what he was doing! Luckily, I had a GREAT pedicure this time! We said we need to do this once a month, I sure would like to try!!! Thanks for making my day! (And next time we'll call Blaine and he can get his toes done, too!) LOVE YOU BLAINER!!! :)