Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Umm You're Pregnant?

Pic of the belly at 28 weeks with Connor.
Thinking she's going to outweigh her brother....Here is the giant belly at 28 weeks!
I'm starting to feel better....this head cold hasn't completely taken over my body! I have maintained weight at 155 lbs. We go to the Dr. on Monday for my glucose tolerance test--I absolutely HATE drinking the super carbonated, sugar syrup. Actually, last time I think I almost gagged. For someone who doesn't drink pop, it's hard to chug in 5 minutes!
I will say that working out is getting a little more difficult.... I'm not sure if it's because of the cold or just my belly being big! I noticed Monday I couldn't run the stairs like I used to!!! I even got passed and I NEVER let that happen!!! But feeling better and nothing to complain about...just trying to take it one day at a time.
I had 2 coworkers come up to me this week, looked at me and said, "You're pregnant?" HELLO!?!?! Where have you been the past 6 1/2 months?! Even if I tried to hide this belly I don't think I could!!

Let's have a little comparison!!!!
Here are 3d pictures of both of our kids and pictures of Jeremy and myself when we were younger (not sure what age, but think we are both pretty close in age in the pics)
3d picture of Connor at 31 weeks

Me in one of my baby pictures

Little Miss Mia in her 3d photoshoot at 26 weeks
And a picture of Jeremy when he was little.

Do you think our kids kind of have an opposite resemblance (Connor/Me, Mia/Jeremy)?? Kinda scary if you ask me!

Monday, April 27, 2009

Weekend and a boo boo.

Zoe has a boo boo!!! She was trying to get to her daddy behind the fence while he was dumping some leaves on Sunday where she sliced her head on the farmer's fence!!!

Here's a close up of her scrape from the fence!

Every year since we've graduated, we've made it a point to go back to Purdue on Grand Prix weekend. We used to go for Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights, but we have gotten too old and can only handle one night these days! So Saturday I met up with Maria at Purdue to hang out like old times. Here we are in Harry's--the best place at Purdue :)
In front of the Purdue University Sign right when you get on to campus.
Ahh...what a great place!
I actually didn't make it overnight....I woke up Saturday morning with a pretty nasty head cold. I thought I would be ok, but by about 10:30 I was feeling pretty crummy and couldn't breathe at all. It sucks when your pregnant because you can't take any GOOD cold medicines that help you sleep. So I'm just going to have to suffer until it decides to get through my system. Let's hope it's gone by Saturday because Haley, Cyndi and I are going to walk/run the Indy mini 5k.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

The nursery--UPDATED!

So picture THIS bedding in the nursery with the new murals on the wall :)
I cannot wait for little Mia to come home to her ADORABLE nursery :)

Close up of the name (that I painted ALL on my own!!)
The flowers around the window! (I may be adding flowers around the other window now because they are so stinkin adorable) Cute little Horton in his field of flowers :)

AND...Daisy Head Maisy

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

27 weeks

Here was my 27 week belly pic with Connor.

Belly shot at 27 weeks. This "little" girl is growing, and she's not going to be little! Man, I thought I got huge with Connor.....I am going to be a beached whale in July when I am sporting my bikini and baby bump :)

Another shot of the belly + the visible stretchmarks....gotta love it when your skin stretches much further than it's supposed to! (pardon my sweaty bra, I just realized it. Took the pic right after the Y tonight!) oreo bubba from sycamore.
We are in our 3rd trimester!!! I am only giving myself about 11 weeks to go. We set a c-section date for July 16th, but I would almost put money on it that I don't make it that long (that would put me at 39+ weeks and probably a 10 lb baby)! I was a little nervous about seeing my weight this week after gaining THREE (oops!) pounds last week!! Fortunately, the scale was the exact same, 155! I hope to only gain 12 lbs (or less!) by July!
I have actually been feeling really good up until this morning. I woke up with a sore, scratchy throat. After the pharmacist pissed me off this morning on my way to work, not able to tell me a type of throat lozenge that was safe to WONDERFUL husband came to my rescue at work with some cepacol lozenges! He went to another pharmacy and the pharmacist was actually HELPFUL. Love you Jeremy :)
Check back for more pics, nursery painting are getting their final touches tomorrow! Now I just have to order my bedding and put clothes away!!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

"Girlifying" (is that a word?) the nursery :-)

The art teacher at my school painted Dr. Seuss characters in the nursery before Connor was born. Since we found out we were having a littl girl:), we decided we needed to "girlify" the nursery!! That corner is where the crib should be...

CINDY LOU!!! (detailed painting will be done on Thursday!)

Flowers from the LORAX (which will eventually match our pink/yellow bananafish bedding)

Horton Hears a WHO?
Cute little flower that I DID! She may have to do a little fixin' up on them :)
And some of you may not know Daisey Head Maisy! Another Dr. Seuss creation! (Haley, she is above the mirror, in case you were wondering!)

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Bill Vernon 5k

Today we participated in a 5k run/walk in memory of Bill Vernon. He was killed in a car accident 4 years ago on his way to work. Jeremy and Bill were good buddies...they had actually just traveled to Vegas about 2 weeks before his accident. Mom and Dad and Haly and Justin (and Jayden) came out to walk/run too!

Here we are before the race.
Mom and dad before the race!
Justin, Haley and Jayden before the race. Haley and I getting ready to walk/run :)
Just finished 3.1 miles! What a beautiful day!
Jeremy and I crossing the finish line!!! We ran about half of the 5k!
If you haven't read about the treats that Haley tried to make for me this past Thursday--first go read that. I wanted to show her up, so I attempted the peanut butter treats. Justin says I WIN!
Dad was busy today working in the garden getting it ready to plant some vegetables!

Friday, April 17, 2009

3D Pictures

Here is the little (well, maybe not so little) Hall girl at 26 weeks! They estimated that she's about 2 1/2 lbs and LOTS of hair :) She had that arm in front of her face the whole time, but you can see most of her face!
We were happy to hear that the placenta/cord insertion/cervix all look GREAT! No Vasa Previa!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Food makes me happy :)

I'm sure you all remember Jeremy's excited look in the 25 week belly pic.....
WOAH. Baby is growing! (my butt remains to stay flat, boobs gigantic) 26 weeks!! I have a feeling she may pass her brother in birth weight. We don't have small babies in this family!!
After spending a WONDERFUL weekend with Jeremy, I knew that when I got on the scale today to expect a jump! Friday night we went to dinner (just the 3 of us) at Olive Garden-where I ate too many breadstick and 5 cheese baked ziti. It was delicious and I enjoyed every bite! After my workout and helping Jeremy's dad with his house on Saturday we headed to West Lafayette. We hit up the mall to get me some maternity shorts/capris and Jeremy got a new Purdue hat. (You know, football season is just around the corner!) I had mentioned earlier in the week how good Hooter's sounded, so we headed there for a late lunch early dinner. As we were sitting there, I remember Jeremy making a comment about how many chicken strips I gotten in my meal.....and I agreed thinking that there was no way I would be able to come close to eating them all. WRONG! They were so delicious, I only left one tiny bite. So back to the scale....This morning I tapped in at a whopping 155! Oops, I gained 3 lbs in one week. I'm not too worried though, I work my butt off 6 days a week at the Y at aerobics and usually try to swim 2 or 3 mornings. So I'm going to eat what makes me happy and hope to work off those extra calories that I don't technically "need".

Saturday night we had some people (well, Jeremy had some of his buddies over) to hang out and play some music. They get together when everyone is in town and have a little 'jam session' at one of our houses. I enjoyed hanging out in the basement listening to the guys sing, play guitar, play the bongos and laugh the night away.
A few pics from the night!

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

25 Weeks!

25 weeks, 10 lbs. That's right, the scale read the same as last week--152! I'm sure it wouldn't read that right this minute after I ate 4 pieces of Bruno's pizza and a nutty bar-yum.
Here I am after teaching aerobics at the Y tonight. Wednesdays we try to run 2 miles and then spin for 30 minutes. I made it about 3/4 of a mile and had to power walk because I was having some pretty good braxton hicks contractions. So I listened to my body and slowed down. I really wanted to push myself, but it's not worth it!!!! So my running days have probably come to an end.... booo. I'll just stick to aerobics and swimming!
Just comparing from where we started back in November....
To now...April.
The check being sent down to the International Vasa Previa Foundation. Wow! $5,000. Simply amazing. Thank you everyone who particpated and/or donated.
Have you seen anything creepier than an Easter bunny on the sidewalk waving to patrons in their cars? I couldn't resist and took a picture of this creepy "Easter Bunny".