Saturday, April 12, 2014

Dear Mia,

Dear Mia,
It's hard to believe that daddy and I took you to kindergarten roundup this past week. Our beautiful baby girl is preparing to begin her trek through elementary, jr ,and high school. You are something pretty special to daddy and mommy. Although you are our oldest living child, you are our second born. You will never, EVER know how extremely special you are. You were our baby we longed to hold after we lost your big brother. You brought life back into our lives. You made us smile again. You made us appreciate life again. You made us happy again. You, baby girl, are the reason we get up and go everyday. You have grown and changed so much in the past 4 3/4 years. Here are a few things that make you, YOU!

1. You have the SWEETEST dimple on your left cheek.   
2. You ask to wear a dress about            
3. You LOVE music and dancing!                                     
4. You want to keep your hair long--Like Rapunzel :)      
5. You adore your brother and hate to be away from him.
6. You are an amazing little reader!                                   
7. You love playing house and mommy.                           
8. You get sassy when you don't do something perfectly.
9. You would rather eat junk food than healthy meals!   
10. You're kind and generous and unique!                          
You have been in preschool for the past 3 years and have learned and grown so much. We are sooooo very blessed for your Nina and Poppy and all of their special helpers that have guided you over the past 3 years. Without them, we would be lost.
This is our last summer to enjoy before you become a student at Thompson Elementary!! We plan to make many memories with you, your cousins, aunts and uncles ,mimi ad papaw and mamaw and Mike. Playing in the driveway, taking bike rides, spending our days in the pool, going camping in Michigan, and most importantly--watching our new house getting built just down the road from Deeterville!
Dearest Mia, Remember to treat others how you would want to be treated. Make lifelong friends. Respect your teachers. Learn lots. Have fun. And stay out of the principal's office!!
We love you unconditionally!!!
Daddy and Mommy 

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

December 3rd with Rudy

Little dare devil, that Rudy!!!

Monday, December 2, 2013

Property, jammies, Rudy (Dec 1st and 2nd)

 A lot of work as been happening out on our property!!! Brad Sparks did an amazing job tearing down the old structure and hauling it all away. Sunday, Justin and Jeremy took down all of the hideous pine trees that lined the property. I cannot wait to watch our future home go up on this lot!

What an amazing view from the highway! :)
 New Santa jammies!!
 (these are backwards)
Dec 2nd on the left--Rudy built a tower with Muno and Plex!
Dec 1st o the right--we opened the Christmas tree box and Rudy was inside!!!

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

I never; I remember

I never got to hear you cry.
I never got to see your eyes.
Was it soft and sweet like you?
Were they green or were they blue?
I never got to change your clothes.
Dry your eyes or wipe your nose.
I dreamt of dressing you in gold and black
Would you have daddy's nose, cute and fat?
I never got to watch you play.
or take you to your cousin's to stay.
Would you like soccer, baseball or swimming?
I'm sure you would fight over who would be winning.
I will never teach you wrong from right.
I'll never get to break up a fight.
I picture you as an innocent child,
but guessing you would have been silly and wild.
I'll never be able to be the one
to one day show you all of the great things you've done.
No memories of first dates or your senior prom.
What memories I have to never be gone.
I DO remember the trip where you were conceived.
The day we found out, I just couldn't believe.
The excitement rushed over as I sat in the sun
We just could not wait to tell everyone.
I remember your kicks and how much you moved,
And the day we found out we would be buying all blue.
An important decision-your name we would ponder,
Finally we agreed, you'd be our sweet Connor.
I remember the clothes and the blankets galore.
Excited to buy diapers and wipes from the store.
Your clothes lined your closet, organized straight.
Your birth day was coming, we could hardly wait.
I remember the night--time for the big show.
The doctor, the nurses--we were ready to go.
My first go at labor, how bad would it be?
I didn't care, for it was you we all wanted to see.
I remember the moment when I first saw your face.
I wanted to hold you, but the doctor made us wait.
You were big and beautiful, with peach fuzz hair.
After awhile, I began to get scared.
I remember the doctor was working on you.
This couldn't be good, they called a code blue.
My mom and my husband, we sat and we prayed.
Don't leave me sweet Connor, I need you to stay.
I remember the funeral, the flowers, the cards.
Saying goodbye was just downright hard.
To heaven you went to spend eternity.
Everyday I wish you were still here with me.

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Proud mama

 Mia's been attending religious education and she prays and talks a lot about Jesus, Heaven and Connor. She melts my heart.  Dane is the first to sit down at dinner and makes sure we say the prayer before we eat. Even though every sentence ends with, "poop butt, toot" (not his prayer, just his dinner conversation) he's still super sweet :)

Monday, July 29, 2013

Well Check!

 Mia and Dane went today for their 2 and 4 year well checks!! WHAT??  When did my babies get so big!
Mia Lynn
40 lbs
42 inches tall
85%ile for weight
90%ile for height!!

Dane Alexander
31 lbs
35.25 inches tall
85%ile for weight
77%ile for height!
 Waiting...waiting...waiting :)
 He's my "troublesome" kid.... left ear drum still has a hole in it and that darn tube is still stuck in his ear canal. Plus, he's cutting 2 molars which has caused some sleep disturbances at night. Other than that, he's great :)
 Better keep this to show them when they're 14 and 16....
Oh! And potty training? YES!Dane is potty trained/ing. Peeing in the potty--he does GREAT!!  Still working on this pooping stuff.....

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Busy summer

So busy--we don't even have time to put on our clothes ;)

I have been enjoying these 2 beautiful blessings all summer. No grad school, no work (except 1 half day a week) and only plans to play and have fun.
2 weeks left until my new job begins.
I'm excited, nervous, sad.
Excited to begin a new journey. Nervous to be the "new person". And sad to not be with my kiddos everyday!
(they will kill me one day for this, but their little booties are too cute!)