Thursday, June 26, 2008

3 Months.....

Always on my mind.....

At Cami's Wedding

Nothing beats
a sister ;)

We are bad ass.

Hey everyone.

I wasn't sure if we would post anymore on here. This is something I want to keep so that everyone can still keep in touch with us and see what this crazy world has in store for us.

This Saturday, June 28th, will Mark 3 months since Connor was born and passed. We cannot believe how fast it has all gone by. It still feels like yesterday that we got to meet our baby boy. At times it has been rough, but we both seem to be doing well. We enjoy our time together and enjoy our time with our friends. We have a wonderful family and a great group of friends that have been there for us through all of this.

I have 'accomplished' quite a bit in the past 3 months. Since we have had Connor, I have completed my second mini marathon (In Indy) and have also completed my second triathlon (at France Park). I never would have imagined myself being able to do these after my life crumbled to the ground. I have an amazing group of girls at the Y that have been my rock through all of this. I owe them all a big thank you for just 'being there'.

We are hopeful that there will be more children in our near future! We know that we will be wonderful parents.
I have actually met another woman through the Vasa Previa discussion group that has also lost a baby to undiagnosed Vasa Previa. We are going to meet for lunch and hang out and share stories. A lot of my grieving has been done with the help of DeAnna. It's like I've known her forever! We have totally hit it off....and with the help of each other--we will have uneventful pregnancies to share with one another!

Jeremy and I have a vacation planned for mid July. We scheduled it back in January for our first "family vacation". It will be a little bittersweet because this was going to be a time to show our baby to some of the family and get him used to the sand and ocean--cause that's one of mommy's favorites!!

I'll be keeping this updated every so often and posting pictures to keep you all involved in our lives.

((Hugs)) to you all!
Jeremy and Mandy

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Time to share our Angel

Here is our perfect little Angel, Connor James Hall. He's too beautiful not to share with everyone. Miss you baby boy....