Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Up to week 8!

Here it is....8 weeks.... I am already feeling fatter!


Well, we are now on week 8!! Not a whole lot has changed, YET!! I have gained 3 lbs......hopefully I won't put on too much weight too fast!! I have been feeling great (up until this morning). Today I woke up with the first signs of a headcold! BOOO!! I have a pretty good feeling it might be from all the little kiddos I've been around at work. It stinks because I can't take any medicine to help knock me out at night, so I'll have to suffer a little bit this week--hopefully it'll be out of my system within a week!!

We did get our first baby gift from Haley and Justin. It's an adorable Purdue bib!! I have been SO good and haven't bought anything "baby".....yet!! I'm sure that will be much harder once we find out the sex of the baby! But that won't be until late November early December.

We're hitting the road this weekend and traveling to Toledo, OH to watch the first Purdue football game of the season!!! Hopefully it will be a winning season for our Boilermakers!!

Thanks for checking in!!

The future nursery!

Our first 'baby gift' from Aunt Haley and Uncle Justin!

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Just another week.....

This is Jeremy with his "baby"....just wait till the new one arrives!!!
Week number 7 (not much changing...besides my growing boobs!)

Hello Again!!!

It's week number 7!! So far, everything is still going really well!!! We are on track and can't wait for the next Dr. appointment so we can hear the baby's heartbeat!

Not really too much to complain about or report. One minor thing....I haven't quite experienced morning sickness--yet. I did wake up Monday morning (the 20th) not feeling real great. I spent 30 minutes in the shower and then another 10 just sitting, waiting, wondering if I was going to be sick. I don't know if it was the pregnancy or the Chinese food we had for dinner the night before not agreeing with me!! We'll hope it was the Chinese food!!! I woke up early this morning--before the alarm--and felt great. So maybe that will be my run of feeling icky in the a.m. I can only hope!

Jeremy has been great so far. He's been dealing with my inability to accept the zits forming on my face and me feeling fat and bloated!!! It's always better once he's home and gives me a hug--somehow that makes my problems and worries go away. He's been on top of what's happening to me and my body and reminds me that these things are normal in pregnancy. (he's been keeping up on "What to Expect When Expecting") God love him--he's so great.

Every time I see a little baby I get more and more excited. I asked Jeremy the other day if he had ever changed a poopy diaper.... He said no, but he's seen it done. Ohh....parenthood will be quite exciting!!! I know that he will be great and will probably spoil the baby more than I will!!!

So that's all for week number 7. Hopefully in the next few weeks things will start to get a little more exciting. Can't wait!!

Thanks for checking in!
Check back in another week!

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

6 Weeks and counting!!

Jeremy and I in Jamaica.



Here is my belly at 6 weeks!!

Hey everyone!!

Well, I went to the Doctor on Friday the 10th and everything is going well so far! The projected due date for this little baby is April 10, 2008. This means no mini marathon or triathlon for me next summer, but hopefully soon after I will be back to normal!!

By now, I'm pretty sure most all of the family knows as well as our friends. Everyone has seemed very happy and a little surprised!! We decided to start trying while we were in Jamaica because we weren't sure how long it would take to get pregnant. Many people have told us how sometimes it can take a year, so we figured we'd start trying now and maybe in a year we'd be pregnant. WELL, things worked in our favor and now baby hall is on the way!!! We are both overjoyed and cannot wait to be parents!

As far as I go....I'm feeling great. (Fingers crossed)...no morning sickness and really no complaints! Only 32 weeks left!! :)

Thursday, August 9, 2007

We're expecting!

Picture #1 of my belly (approx. 5 weeks)
Here is a picture of my positive pregnancy test!!

Hey everyone!! We wanted to be able to share this amazing journey with all of you! The goal is to update this every week to show you how much-or how little-things are changing!

On Monday, August 6th I found out that I was pregnant (thanks to AccuClear)!! I go to the Dr. on the 10th to get more information!

Hope that you enjoy!!