Sunday, December 28, 2008

Christmas and Jeremy's band! OH! And our New Furniture!


Every Christmas since I was quite young, my Uncle Norm and I have exchanged 'gag' gifts to one another. This year, it was so funny when we both opened our presents and realized that we had gotten each other the same plush animal!!! Well, almost.... I bought him the snoring cow and he got me the snoring duck. I guess great minds think alike!!! I will be adding this one to my GIANT bag of stuffed animals that I have received from him over the years. I will have to take a picture of all of them to show you how long this has gone on! :)

The "DEETER" family at the Tanguy Christmas!!! We had a tacky 80's Christmas party at Nanaw's house this year. As you can see, Jenn, Haley and myself all have some pretty sweet matching tights. Mom didn't think hers matched, so she didn't wear her pair--cause we all matched! ha!

Really. Does this need an explanation? "It's Christmas and I'm EXCITED!"

Jeremy and I at the Tanguy Christmas in our tacky sweaters. Be jealous--you know we look hot.

Jeremy and Aunt Polly won the competition for the BEST sweaters!!!

Brennan and I cheesin' it up in front of the camera!!! Could he be ANY cuter?

Rena, Haley, Jenn and myself (mom in the background)at Jeremy's gig on Saturday night. They played at the Moose lodge here in Logansport. What a huge crowd they had!!!!! A great night with great music and lots of family and friends!

Awww..Missy and Mark came to listen to Jeremy's band!!! He has lots of groupies.
Siblings. Love them--only cause I have to. HAHA! :) Love you two!

PREGNANT sisters! :)

And FINALLY...the big reveal. Our new furniture!!!! This was my Christmas present!!! And well, the entire basement! I have been wanting to finish the basement ever since we bought the house. My awesome husband put his carpenter skills to work--along with some of our other family members--and we now have a finished basement!! Still have a little work to do--hanging things on the walls, touching up some paint and putting in a door. (We had to take the door frame out to get the new furniture in--it's was too big to fit through the old frame, but it was what I liked the best!! Gotta do whatcha gotta do!

Friday, December 26, 2008

Here we "Grow" Again! :)

Here is little baby Hall #2 at 10 weeks!!!

We were able to hear it's little heartbeat on 12/22!

Here is the first picture at 6 weeks!!!
Here I am at 10 weeks!!

So as you can see, Jeremy and I are PREGNANT!!!!!!! We found out back on November 10th! We decided that we would wait until we saw the Dr. and heard a heartbeat before we told anyone. On Christmas morning, each of our family members received a card with a picture of little baby Hall that said "See you in July"!!! It has been SO hard to keep it a secret, but you have to understand that we wanted to make sure everything was going to work out this time!
(Sara and Maria...if you have read this before you check your mail--I'm sorry!!! I forgot that you were going to BOTH be out of town! Your Christmas cards are waiting for you at home!)
This little baby is due on July 22nd. We plan on having a scheduled c-section this time around--just want to play it safe!!! Please do us a favor and keep up in your prayers. We are VERY excited, but so very nervous as well.
Hope you enjoy our journey to bringing home baby Hall #2!

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Thanks Robin

Tonight as I was filling up the hot tub, I had a special visitor come to my house! My friend, Robin, dropped by to give me a little something for Christmas. Robin is a very special friend to me and I think of her everyday, sometimes many times a day. She, too, lost her dear little boy Griffin--almost a year ago. She knows the loss of a child all too well. She brought me this beautiful ornament which is hanging from our tree. "tis a gift to be a mom" I love it and thank her very much for thinking of me. Merry Christmas, Robin. Much love to you and Vince.....

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Toenails and Christmas :)

Haley and I got matching pedicures
on Saturday!!!

Jeremy and I at the Fallen Christmas

Kolin and Cami at the Fallen Christmas

Yay! A good pic of us!

Kolin, Cami, Mike, Kim, myself and Jeremy
at his family Christmas.

Saturday was a BUSY day!!! It started off with aerobics from 9-10, then Haley and I went to get pedicures!!! It's USUALLY a very relaxing time. It was for Haley--but mine was a bit rough. Haley had a really nice woman doing her pedicure and I had some guy who looked, AND talked, like Janet Jackson. Lets just make a long story short and say that my toenails had to be cut 3 times, filed twice and I was in pain for quite some time after "Janet" tried to trim the dead skin off around my toenails. After jerking my feet back and screaming ouch, Haley's pedi woman took over and FIXED my pedicure. She had to spray my toes with rubbing alcohol because they were BLEEDING! I just kept looking over at Haley and saying OUCH. I have never had a more painful pedicure!!!!! Thank goodness for the woman who saved my feet! Luckily, "Janet" on did my right foot before he got the boot!

After the pedicure we had Jeremy's mom's family Christmas. I had to hurry home, shower and get ready to head to his grandma's house. We spent most of the night over there eating, opening presents and playing games. Christmas with the Fallen's is always a good time!

Today we had Christmas with Jeremy's mom and Mike. They were up from Evansville and won't actually be here on Christmas, so we celebrated with them today. Jeremy made a huge breakfast for all of us and we opened presents then stuffed our faces!!!

I have 2 weeks off of work now so I get to do a lot of nothing!!!! I'm looking forward to sleeping in and hanging out with more family over the holidays!

Sunday, December 14, 2008

We've got a lot of catchin' up to do!


Little tree down in the basement.

Here is the ornament mom and dad got
for us while we were in Florida.

The unfinished/storage part of our basement.

(minus the new furniture--will be another 3
weeks before it comes in!) For now, we'll
use our old college furniture!

Just got everything back into the room.

The future weight room/workout area.

Another view of the totally 90's furniture :)

The Landis PTO bought 2 books for the
Library in memory of Connor. I was so
shocked to find these in my mailbox after being
gone for 3 days in Florida.

Tear Soup and the Butter Battle Book.

On the inside cover of both books.

Of course, a Dr. Seuss book!

WHAT a week/weekend!!!! I returned home from Florida on Tuesday, the 9th. We got in around 2:00 that afternoon. I hung out for about an hour, then we had swim practice AND a swim meet that night!!! Needless to say, I crashed as soon as I got home Tuesday night!
I went to work on Wednesday and made it about an hour before I came down with some kind of stomach bug. I left work and came home and slept. I think that my body was just so worn out from traveling and lack of sleep. (I didn't get much sleep in Florida--I shared a hotel room with mom and dad, and well, dad tends to snore a bit!) :)
So after spending Wednesday in bed, I headed back to work on Thursday. Had another swim meet Thursday night and then worked again on Friday. I still think I was fighting a little something and ended up calling it an early night on Friday. Jeremy was out at Pioneer announcing a basketball game so it wasn't like I missed out on much!!!
Saturday after practice and Jeremy working, we headed to Kokomo to FINALLY begin our Christmas shopping!!! Out of the 11 people we had to buy for, we only have TWO people left!! We were so productive!!! And we haven't even had to buy a single gift card! Unique presents for everyone!
As you can see, our basement is DONE!!!!! We have carpet!!! We moved all of our old furniture back into the family room until our new furniture arrives. We want to be able to use the basement and not have to sit on the floor. It looks a little tacky with the green walls and Jeremy's yucky college furniture, but it will do for now!! He wants to keep his green recliner....if I have to haul it up the stairs and to the trash myself, I will! :) We spent most of Sunday organizing and cleaning up the basement. We spent a good 2 hours on it and now the clutter is gone! While I worked on some homework, Jeremy got the Christmas tree put up. We both put on the lights and hung ornaments. We were able to get it up with about a week and a half before Christmas!!! (We couldn't get to any of our decorations because of the mess in the basement!--construction has its way of making quite a mess!)
I have a very busy week this week with a couple of assignments for grad school to do and 3 swim meets! Jeremy has to work late 2 nights this week, so we won't be seeing much of each other in the evenings. Maybe I'll go visit him a couple times for lunch when I have 2 weeks off for Christmas break!
Hope everyone is doing well!
Happy Holidays!

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Chilling in FLORIDA!

Bridgid and I outside my hotel.

Mom and dad and myself.

My dad and I

My mom and I

Mom and dad

My mom, dad and myself left for a (long) weekend trip down to Ft. Lauderdale, Florida on Friday. I had to come down here for an orientation class for my grad school at Nova Southeastern University. We got in late Friday night and I had to be in class first thing on Saturday morning. I spent all day in class while mom and dad roamed around a little bit and mom was able to hang out by the pool for a bit. When I came home she was all sunburnt!!!
I was in class all day again today and it was full of information that I'll probably forget by the time my classes begin in May. Tonight for dinner, my friend Bridgid (who I had met at Purdue in my speech and audiology classes) came and picked us up and took us to downtown Ft. Lauderdale and we all had dinner. It was SO good to see her again!
Now we're just hanging out in our hotel room and watching some tv. I'll probably fall asleep soon and get ready for my last day of orientation. We will only have one night left and then we will fly home on Tuesday morning!!! I can't wait to get home to see Jeremy and my dogs!! AND my brother and sister, too! :)
It's going to be a long 3 years of grad school, but hopefully I'll learn a lot! :)
Hope you're all enjoying the chilly weather and snow!! I sure am enjoying these 75 degree temperatures here!

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Thursday, November 27, 2008


Haley (baby) and I after running 4 miles!

Tara, Myself and Haley. We all used to lifeguard
together at Tower Park. many, many years ago! :)

Ok...Mom, myself, Jonie, Haley (baby), Cyndi, Jenn (baby)
and Dena.
Post Turkey Trot! 26 degrees when the race began!

That's me, getting ready to finish my race!


I don't know if you keep up with the bring the rain blog. If you haven't, link yourself over and read it today.

She is probably one of the strongest women I "know".

So now I guess I'm supposed to tell you what I'm thankful for:

1. I'm thankful I'm alive and healthy.
2. I'm thankful that I have a very loving, caring and supportive husband.
3. I'm thankful for my awesome family whom I love so very much.
4. I'm thankful for the warm house I come home to every day.
5. I'm thankful for the food that gives me nutrients.
6. I'm thankful for all of the many friends I have met and kept throughout that past 4 years.
7. I'm thankful for my two dogs that love me!

Last but not least.

8. I'm thankful that our beautiful son rests in the arms of Jesus. He has changed our lives forever and I will never be the same person I once was. He is in the most beautiful place on earth, and for that, I'm thankful.

Hope you all have a great Holiday.

Much Love.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Oh-oh-uh-oh-oh, Oh-oh-oh---o, Oh-oh-uh-oh o, The right stuff.

So I can't believe what I just saw on TV. NEW KIDS ON THE BLOCK! They're back, and well, I guess I'm not in love with them like I used to be 15 years ago.

I do know that I had a NKOTB Barbie doll, belt, sweatshirt, t-shirt and countless posters. After watching them perform tonight, I felt compelled to write about them. Wow. They're really back? If you would have told me 15 years ago that they would make a comeback--I would have laughed in your face.

New Kids--THEN

New Kids--NOW

If you didn't get to hear them on the American Music Awards show....well, you didn't much. Sorry girls--but I wasn't impressed. :)

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Holy Cow, I'm 26!!

Still celebrating with the family---23 years later!

Loved my cake as a kid......

....and still loving it till this day!

Brennan liked the cake too

Here's my 26th Birthday cake!!!!

You're never too old for one of these!!!

Jeremy, Me and Zoe! Merlin had to stay home.

Gifts!!! From Blaine and Jenn!

PINK boxing gloves from Haley and Justin!!!

What a great birthday today!!!! My mom and dad had everyone over this afternoon to celebrate my BIRTHDAY!!!! Mom made a taco bar--I LOVE tacos!! After everyone ate they sand happy birthday to me, blew out the candles and then opened some gifts!!!! After we were done eating the boys sat around and watched football while the girls went to Kokomo to go shopping!!! We spent the evening hanging out and I was able to get some new shirts and boots!!!
As for the rest of the weekend... Jeremy and I went and picked out carpet on Saturday for the basement. While we were there, I just so happened to find some furniture that I really really liked!!! I'm ordering it tomorrow when I put in our order for our carpet! :) As we were getting ready to leave the furniture store--I noticed another couple shopping around. We had both kind of looked at one another...and then I realized that it was Michelle who I had "met" on blogger!!! We have emailed back and forth and just so happened to be in the same place at the same time! Coincidence?? Hmmmm..... It was so nice to finally meet her!
One more full week of work for me and then I have 2 days off for Thanksgiving break!!!
Until then, I'll be getting pumped up this week for the IU/PU football game on Saturday!!!