Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Quick update!

We had our 3rd Non-stress test today and met with the Dr. Baby is still active and looking great. Had a few contractions on the strip, too!! The Dr. noticed that she has dropped a bit. Even though we are scheduled for a c-section, they went ahead and did the strep test JUST IN CASE I decide to deliver vaginally. It will all depend on how BOTH of us feel mentally and how quickly she will get here if we go that route. It's still an option, but we both know a quick way to get her here is a c-section. Whether we make it to the 16th will be the question. I'm 50% effaced and 2-3 cm dilated. We'll just have to wait and see.....
And soon.....This family of 3

will become a family of 4.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

All dressed up

Jeremy and I had a wedding to go to in Logansport yesterday and then he was singing at a wedding reception in Indy later that evening. I didn't like the fact that he would have been over an hour and a half away from me so I decided to join him for the reception. I figured we had better get a picture of us dressed up. Jeremy has to look nice all of the time, but I'm usually sporting some workout clothes or a bathing suit with my hair up and no makeup!
I thought it was a pretty good picture of us....but someone is missing....
Wishing our 15 month old little man was here. Ready to hold his little sister and never let her go.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Baby got Front.

I had someone today tell me that it looked like I swallowed a basketball. Kinda looks that way. A super, over-inflated basketball.
And yes, I totally rocked out my bikini today while swimming--stretchmarks and all.

36 weeks. Baby will be here in LESS THAN 3 weeks. Hoping she decides to make her grand entrance before the 16th! My mom says July 7th at 7:00 with a weight of 7lbs 7oz.

Measurements this week
36 weeks
163 lbs
43 inches around

36 week belly with Connor.
This is a busy week with 2 non stress tests, a Dr.'s appointment, dentist appointment, a midterm and a date with my mom and dad's pool on Friday! :)

Monday, June 22, 2009

Like father like son!

Oh he's still such a kid at heart! :)
I'm not sure who likes the slide more...Blaine OR Brennan?!?
We used some gift cards from the surprise baby shower to order this MUST HAVE. Haley has one and said it's one thing we definitely need to invest in. It's an ANGEL CARE MONITOR that detects breathing/movement of baby while sleeping. A LOUD alarm will go off it it is not detected after 20 seconds. Since we, well probalby mostly me, will be slightly overprotective with our little girl, I think this is a VERY good investment!!!
Oh. And look at this little booty!!! :) And his tan!!

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Looking forward to....

A Mother's day with a child to celebrate with.

A Father's day with a child to celebrate with.

Being un-pregnant for a couple of years.

The look on Jeremy's face when he sees his daughter for the first time.

Hearing Mia cry.

Crying tears of joy.

Holding my baby girl.

Kissing Jeremy and Mia.

Bringing home Mia.

Coming home as a family to a nice, quiet home.

Sleepless nights.

Frustrating times.

Mia meeting her grandparents, aunts, uncles & cousins.

Zoe and Merlin kiss and love on Mia.

Taking Mia to her first Purdue football game.

Swimming all summer with Mia.

Christmas morning.

The tooth fairy.

Mia's baptism.

Mia eating chocolate cake on her 1st birthday.

Telling Mia about her very special brother up in heaven that will always watch over and protect her.......

Just looking forward to motherhood.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Arrival of baby--less than a month!

Mmmmm This was dinner tonight!! LOOK MOM! Meat, potatoes AND veges!!! Mia is getting all the nutrients she needs to pack on the lbs before she gets here!
And how would dinner NOT be complete without a couple of these?
Don't you just love my Zoe? She's quite the snuggle bug when I'm home during the summer.
I just wonder how she's going to do once Mia Lynn gets here!!!!!
(Note:this was taken AFTER I ate my huge, delicious dinner & reeses)...I can hardly breathe I'm so full!
35 weeks!!!
Can you really believe it? LESS THAN a month until our daughter arrives. Actually, if she decides to show her face early, she could be here in ....holy crap....3 weeks!!! We're going to the Dr. on Friday to check up on her and see how I'm measuring!
Weight this morning was about 162. It varied between 161 and 163, so we'll say 162! Wonder if I can make it 3 1/2 weeks and only gain 3 lbs.....hmmm Probably not, but wouldn't it be nice to only gain 23 lbs total?
Overall, I'm feeling great. No swelling, not exhausted. It is getting tough to sleep because I'm a "back sleeper" and I will wake myself up because I've moved to my back and then I get nervous thinking she's getting smashed into my back! I'm still able to do most of the moves during aerobics and my bathing suit still fits so I can keep swimming a few mornings a week!!
We will keep counting down the days until a very special, little girl cries so loud it will echo the entire OB floor.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Some pictures

I think we have an outfit for miss Mia to have her "first picture" taken in at the hospital!!! I knew that I wanted something simple and when I got the onesie from my friend, Emily, I thought how cute would that be for her pictures!! :) I am not sure if we will do a hat or headband....the hat is from Mia's unmet friend, Lachlan, and the headband is from DeAnna!This is what I did most of the day today...and all afternoon yesterday!!! I love being in the pool! It makes me feel weightless! :)
Haley and I soaking up the rays at mom and dad's house!
Look at this cute guy enjoying the pool as well!!
LOVES to swim!
And pretty sure he LOVES his Aunt Mandy!
Jeremy's band played at the Cole Porter festival this past weekend in Peru. Here he is rocking out with 2 of his bandmates!
And guess who came too? Cami and Kolin were up for the weekend for a wedding and decided to come out to Peru as well!!! Cami is doing GREAT and you can follow her blog and her progress! http://crazbeau6.blogspot.com

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Thanks NANAW!

On Friday, I went to my Nanaw's (grandma Tanguy's) house so she could HELP me make some curtains for the nursery. I was able to pick out the fabric and ribbon--which I matched almost EXACTLY to the new bedding. (The bedding has a lot of PINK, so I decided that yellow for curtains would look nice and the green accent ribbon would match the new changing pad cover). I am NO Martha Stewart and really didn't know much about how to make a valance. I thought I could just go over there and we'd start up the sewing maching and have them done in an hour. I didn't realize that you have to iron them, pin the edges, sew the edges, then do the same process over for the hem on the top and bottom of the valance!!! It was nice to spend the day with Nanaw, and SHE did a fabulous job making these beautiful valances for Mia's room!! The best part of it all was that she fed me lunch after we were done--HOMEMADE chicken and noodles, grapes and PUMPKIN PIE!!! YUM!!
The new changing pad cover!!!!!
Haley participated in the 14th Annual River City Triathlon in Logansport this morning! She was on a team with Kate and Kacy Hopper! Haley was the swimmer, Kacy biked and Kate ran. Haley started in the 1st wave of swimmers--which included males. I am proud to say that she was one of the TOP 10 swimmers to make it up to the transition area to tag Kacy! After not swimming for over 4 months and having a baby 3 months ago--that's pretty impressive if you ask me!! :)

LOGANSPORT Girls who participated in the Triathlon!!!
Haley, Kate, Leeann, Kacy & Shelly!

She's pretty pathetic!!!
This is what Zoe does everyday all day long. She's not going to be the little princess much longer! :)

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

34, 161, 42

Here was the belly at 34 weeks with Connor.
And the 34 week belly with Mia!!!
34 weeks, 161 lbs, 42 inches around!!!
Enjoying my summer vacation and feeling great! I have been keeping busy with organizing the nursery, grad school, working out and hanging out with family. I'm ready for a week without any rain! I want to be able to enjoy a few days in the sun and soaking in the pool!!

Meet Seth!

Myself, Ellyn, Seth & Jace! (Ava was taking the picture--we'll blame my hugeness on the fact that she's less than 4 ft. tall!) :)
And a couple pictures with Ellyn's kids!

Last week I was able to have dinner with a special friend whom I met through blogger. Ellyn's blog is linked to mine on the sidebar. I have been following her now for quite some time. It was such a small world when we realized that she grew up just north of me-up in Ft. Wayne. When she emailed me and said she was going to be in Indiana for a couple weeks this summer, we just had to schedule a day to meet! We met up at Applebees in Huntington for lunch. I seriously think I could have sat and talked with her all day. It was nice to share stories, let out some frustrations and get some parenting/first time mom advice. Yeah, I've had a baby, but there are lots of things that I'm still a little unsure of as far as "got to have" things. She and her kids were so very sweet and I had such a good time hanging out with them. AND....if you think Seth is cute in his pictures....he's WAY cuter in person!!!

Monday, June 8, 2009


The bedding FINALLY arrived!!!!
Lots of hair bows for Mia!

New storage baskets for the changing table!

Surprise Baby Shower!!!

My sister, family and friends have all been up to NO good! They went behind my back and planned a SURPRISE baby shower for little miss Mia Lynn. They had all been told that I didn't want another shower because we just had one when we were pregnant with Connor. I guess you could say I didn't want to make people feel obligated to buy gifts after they had gotten me tons of things while I was pregnant with Connor. I had just planned on using most of the things we had from Connor's shower (which was lots of blue) and just making sure we stick a bow in Mia's hair so people would know that it's just a little girl dressed in blue!!! I was completely surprised and a bit overwhelmed on Sunday!!!! All in all, it was a GREAT day and I'm so thankful to have such a great family and group of friends that came to the shower. Mia will NOT have to wear anything blue now and probably has an outfit for every hour of the day! :)
The goodie table!!! Notice the baskets of reeses and nutty bars!! My favorites :)
The delicious cake!
Sitting with the MASSIVE amount of presents!
One of the sweetest presents I received was from Chloe. She wrapped up her first baby doll because she no longer needed her. She wanted me to have it so I can give it to Mia. What a sweet, sweet girl!!! Thank you Chloe!
THANK YOU to all of you that were involved in keeping this a secret from me! You guys got me!!!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

The next American Idol?

This was Brennana Sunday afternoon rocking out to his new American Idol game for the Wii :)

33 Weeks

A super cute little man hanging out on his daddy's birthday!!!
Blaine's birthday cake his mommy made for him :)
This is my spot for the summer....as long as it stops raining.....
Ewwww...The pool before any chlorine!!!
I totally sported my bikini while laying out. This will only be seen in the privacy of my own home!!!!
Mia's dresser!
I don't know how we will ever get through all of these clothes....
We are just over a month out until delivery! We are headed to the Dr. on Friday to check things out and have another ultrasound. It will be interesting to see how big she is! Weight has increased quite a bit this week!!!! Scale read in at 162 today. WHOOPS!!! I didn't eat every well yesterday--Applebees for lunch, Sycamore after, then Wendy's for dinner. I've gotta try and do better!
It's kind of boring sitting at home all day....and it has been raining most of the summer vacation so far. Today I will be hitting up the public library to do some research for my paper. I can't put it off any longer!!!