Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Meet Seth!

Myself, Ellyn, Seth & Jace! (Ava was taking the picture--we'll blame my hugeness on the fact that she's less than 4 ft. tall!) :)
And a couple pictures with Ellyn's kids!

Last week I was able to have dinner with a special friend whom I met through blogger. Ellyn's blog is linked to mine on the sidebar. I have been following her now for quite some time. It was such a small world when we realized that she grew up just north of me-up in Ft. Wayne. When she emailed me and said she was going to be in Indiana for a couple weeks this summer, we just had to schedule a day to meet! We met up at Applebees in Huntington for lunch. I seriously think I could have sat and talked with her all day. It was nice to share stories, let out some frustrations and get some parenting/first time mom advice. Yeah, I've had a baby, but there are lots of things that I'm still a little unsure of as far as "got to have" things. She and her kids were so very sweet and I had such a good time hanging out with them. AND....if you think Seth is cute in his pictures....he's WAY cuter in person!!!

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