Monday, February 25, 2013


 I took a little break from blogging!! Why?  Well 1) I changed my blog layout and couldn't figure out how to make a new post and 2) I've been relaxing and enjoying my family in the evenings. Not having to be on the computer for grad school has been awesome. I rarely open my computer in the evenings!!  I seriously didn't realize HOW BUSY I was every night until I finished school and realized what a relaxing evening was!!!
The new job is going GREAT!!!!  I do miss all of my old friends/coworkers/kids at my other schools, but this has been a good change and I have leared sooooo much about children with autism and with special needs. They don't teach you EVERYTHING you need to know in grad school, so this has been a great research/learning opportunity for me!
Mia and Dane are doing awesome. Mia is 3 1/2 now--she is over halfway through her Beka Book Series reading book and is reading at about 1st grade level. I knew kids picked up on things quickly, but my oh my--this girl is a sponge!!!  Dane is 20 months. He has really developed a personality. He's quick to throw something at you or pull Mia's hair, but he's just as quick to say he's SAWEEEE! He knows to say please and thank you when he wants/receives something and he is also obsessed with CHAAAAAP! (chapstick)--must take after his AUNT HALEY!! :)
They are pretty loving siblings
obviously--look at them...

But they can also get into a pretty good fight :)

Captured this photo on my way to work last week.
Jeremy has a tattoo in memory of Connor on his arm--I think this looks a LOT like his tattoo.
Our sweet boy would be turning 5 in 31 days. I cannot even believe it's been almost 5 years. I never would have imagined I would be where I am today, either. Amazing how one sweet, innocent little baby boy could change your life forever.
Oh yah--and I fractured my arm near my elbow. How, you ask? Oh you know, running.
Only me....