Saturday, January 26, 2008

A few more pictures for you!

and the belly at 29 weeks!

different views of the nursery
another shot

Hey Everyone!!!

The nursery has really come along!!! We have just a few more things to do before it's complete! The changing table is ordered and we still have to go shopping for a rug!! Aunt Haley is throwing baby Hall a baby shower at the end of February so I'm sure we'll get some more decorations for the room then--Aunt Haley has a slight e-bay obsession! :)

I have been feeling great!! Swim season is coming to an end--1 more week left. I have had a blast coaching with my sister, but a little break will be nice because I'm sure I'll be getting more tired as the days go on!! Still working out as much as possible, hopefully he doesn't mind me jumping and bouncing around everywhere!! His second home will be at the Y this summer while mommy tries to get back in shape to do the triathlon with her sis!! :)

We have been going to our birthing classes at the hospital every Monday night. We were able to take a tour of the O.B. floor the other night and got to see a little baby!! We are learning all about what goes on when you go into labor and give birth--it's really starting to feel real and will probably be here before we know it!!

Hope you are all doing well!!

Thursday, January 17, 2008

The painting in the nursery is Complete!

28 Weeks!!
WOAH BELLY!!!!!!!!
One Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish!!!
The Sheep from One Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish
Kids from Hop on Pop!
Thing 1 and Thing 2

The Cat in the Hat!
Sneetches on the beaches!

Hello All!!!

Well, as you can probably tell.....little baby Hall isn't so little anymore by the looks of my belly!! I am starting to feel VERY pregnant now!! It's a lot harder to tie my shoes and bend over to pick stuff up off the ground!! I think he got the hiccups for the first time on Wednesday because my tummy kept popping up every couple of seconds for about 5 minutes.

Many of my kids at work are very curious about the baby and are always asking questions. Like....does he poop in you? Does he pee in you? Is he wearing a diaper? I even had one kid tell me I will go to the hospital and "poop" the baby out!! At least none of them have asked how he was made!!!

The nursery paitings are complete--and I absolutely LOVE IT!!!! They turned out so nice!! Now we have to wait for the changing table to get off backorder and the rest will just be small details to finish it up completely!!
Hopefully he'll love it as much as I do!! :)

We have 2 more weeks until our 3D ultrasound!! I'll be sure to post some pictures of that on here!!

Hope everyone is doing well!!!

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Last Trimester!!!!!!!!!

27 weeks

Well, we are in our final trimester!!!! The last 3 months are going to be here and gone before we know it!! It's time to get the ball rolling and get the nursery finished up and ready for our little guy!!!
We had a good doctor's appointment this past Tuesday. Baby was doing fine and I was too. We have our 3D ultrasound coming up on February 1st!!! Should be pretty neat to see!!!
Hope everyone is doing well!!
Take care!

Monday, January 7, 2008

Happy New Year!

another painting not quite finished in the nursery!
almost finished painting in nursery.
26 weeks!

Hey there!!!

Hope everyone had a great New Year's celebration!!! Jeremy's band played at a pretty smokey bar in Peru, so I decided it would be best for me to stay home out of the smoke!!!

We did have a small scare the Sunday before the new year and went to the hospital to have a non-stress test done on the baby. It turned out that everything was just fine and I just needed to take it easy for a few days. So I did--which was really hard to do because I got so bored, but everything seems just fine now! We go to the doctor on the 8th for a checkup and that will be at the beginning of 27 weeks!! We are just approaching our 3rd and final trimester!!! 3 more months until we get to meet this little guy!

My belly sure has been growing a lot and there has been a lot of movement!! He cooperates though--for bedtime!! Most of the time I'll go to bed and he'll be moving around for about 20 minutes and then it's time to sleep until I have to get up to pee! It's going to be a fast 13 weeks!!! Can't wait for you all to meet him!!