Friday, September 28, 2012

I should be.......

 ....finishing my paper that is due on Sunday... BUT I am taking a break to post something VERY important!! Dane's FIRST HAIRCUT! :):)

He didn't stand still very well, but Mimi was able to cut off most of the fly-away hairs!

Dane also had his 15 month checkup this week. He weighs 28.6 lbs and is 33 inches tall. He is in the 90%ile for both height and weight! He sleeps from 7 p.m. to 7 a.m. Doesn't typically like being rocked to sleep--maybe once a week I will have to snuggle (oh darn!)
He LOVES basketballs (or any ball for that matter), loves to eat, and loves anything that Mia does. He watches her like a hawk!
He can sign more, please and all done.
He can say, "mama, dada, dog, up, light, ball, cup, bite/eat, more, uh (not the oh yet), and a lot of babble!
He is still a HUGE mama's boy :)
He likes to climb up on to the couch and sit like a big boy:

And I bet he would have looked just like his big brother.