Sunday, April 22, 2012

I never knew

Just how amazing being a mother would be.....
I can't even put into words the amount of love I have for my blonde hair, blue eyed babies.
Being a mom is the hardest, most enjoyable, most difficult and most rewarding job I have ever had. And I don't take a second for granted. I have been so blessed with my babies.

My Mia is 2 3/4's years old. She's super smart, funny, a tad defiant, quite sassy and acts JUST like her mama ;) Her attitude--guess it's payback ;)
Mia's learning how to share her mom and dad with her baby brother. She's very independent! Is slightly obsessed with youtube on the iPad (she watches music videos, learns the moves, and then performs them--hysterical!!!) Has memorized Llama Llama Mad at Mama. And she reads it every. single. night.
She knows her ABC's and all of the sounds the letters make, can count to 20, knows her days of the week/months of the year, her colors, her shapes, the 4 seasons and probably more, but hasn't shown us yet. She has learned so much at preschool this year and we THANK her Nina SO VERY much! :)
My Dane is 10 months. He is my little lover. His personality is really starting to come out. Eats EVERYTHING (I haven't found anything he won't eat!) He's crawling EVERYWHERE! Won't stay out of the dog bowls or off of the entertainment center. Talking/babbling a lot more. --especially with some intent to communicate with us! He says mama, dada, gaga, baba and we're pretty sure he says 'ball' because that is his favorite toy. He throws EVERYTHING and is still a bit clumsy! (go figure--look at his mother!) Has been doing WONDERFUL since his tube surgery...I think he got so used to me holding him becuase he was always sick and in pain that he still thinks I need to do that. Which, I will....because soon enough he'll be wanting me to park the car 100 yards from the door so noone can see he's with his mama ;)
He's sleeping well, eating well, growing like crazy. I'd call that a success.
I'm super close with my brother and sister.....I pray that these 2 share the closeness and unique bond that I share with mine.... This just melted my heart tonight when Mia carried Dane's bottle around and would not let me feed him :)

Life may be challenging and hectic at times, but at the end of the day......
when I see this....
everything else just doesn't matter.
I've got these little blessings.
With them and their daddy, we are a family.
She's so big and that kinda makes me sad......
She'll always be my baby :)
She doesn't even take baths anymore....
"I'm big mom, I take showers."
The past 4 years have flown by and it doesn't seem possible that we've welcomed 3 beautiful babies into this world.
Mia and Dane, you make mama's heart so. very. happy.
I love you.