Thursday, August 28, 2008

Another month......

Missing and loving you so much today.....
mom and dad love you!

It's a foggy day today--I feel like that's what my life has been....a fog. Still wake up and wonder if it was all a dream...

Sunday, August 24, 2008


So this website will take your pictures and "make" your babies.....I had to post this one because the baby looks a bit like me!!! Jeremy and I were both kind of shocked when we saw the finished picture!!! I just thought it was funny and wanted to post in so you could see! :)

Jeremy rockin' with his band

No Identity at Kokomo

Me, Mom
and Haley

Me & Jeremy

Getting ready

Haley & Me

dad being all

we caught
some sweat

mom & dad


Just some pictures from our night in Kokomo Saturday to listen to some bands play at a festival. We had a good night--Blain, Jenn and Brennan couldn't come because they have all been sick!! YUCK! But Jeremy has another show on Labor Day (Monday the 1st) in Walton. So if you haven't come to hear his band--get out to see him! :)

Saturday, August 23, 2008

What a busy, but rewarding, week!

3 black puppies
that we rescued
(they were

One of the
little girls

the little
he was the
lover of
the group

The 2 girls

One of the
girls giving

So we have had quite the week! On Sunday, Jeremy and I drove past a house and came across a very cute puppy in the middle of the road. We stopped and picked him up and put him back into his fenced in yard--he kept sneaking out everytime we tried to leave so I went to the front door to tell the owners that their puppies were escaping. After knocking, the neighbor lady came over and said that those people had packed up and left. These poor pups were left without food and water. She said that animal control had been notified and they were coming to get them. We went on our way, but were still a bit curious.....

On my way home from work on Monday, I drove past the abandoned house. There they were again, out of the fence and in the road. I did what any dog lover would do--I picked them up and loaded them into the back of my car! I couldn't leave those poor puppies any longer--they had not eaten in a long time and it was really hot outside. I got them home and Jeremy and I let them play in the yard for a bit. Then we decided to give them some food. They went NUTS. There were 3 different bowls of food and they all fought over the same bowl--like there wasn't enough to go around. We ended up feeding them twice because they were still so hungry! Their bellies were full and they passed out for a little while!!

We made them a little bed in the garage and left the back door open for them to go out to potty. They did quite well--they liked to escape out of their cubby we gave them to poop on the other side and then come back to sleep on the clean side where there wasn't any poop :)

We bought puppy vaccinations at Rural King and de-wormed them with some pills from the vet. I cleaned the pups and Jeremy administered the shots. We had a little clinic in our kitchen Tuesday night!

We found loving homes for all of the puppies. One female went to a couple who is about to get married and the other girl and boy went to a mom and daughter--both families seemed like huge dog lovers! One guy even said he was going to let his puppy sleep with him! That made us feel good, and confident that they would be taken care of.

It has been a busy and stressful week with FIVE dogs at our house (3 puppies, plus our 2 that we have!) It was very rewarding to give some love to those abandoned puppies and find them a better place where they will come to love their new owners!

Thursday, August 14, 2008

A big CONGRATS to Haley and Justin!


CONGRATULATIONS to Haley and Justin! They are expecting their first baby!!!! Baby Ramer's due to enter into this world on March 5, 2009! We are all SO very happy and excited!! Keep your eyes posted--in about 7 weeks they will know if it's a boy or a girl!!

Friday, August 8, 2008

Walls are all framed up!

Framing of the walls is complete! Jeremy and his dad worked on finishing up the framing Thursday evening! Sunday Jeremy is going to work on wiring the basement! I'll be sure to post pics everytime we get a bit more done! I'm ready to pick out paint, carpet, and furniture!! HAHA!

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Under construction.....

boys working
on the basement

my construction

my man nailing
up some 2x4's

2 walls are done!!!

Construction has begun on our basement!!! We have decided to add some sqare footage to our house by finishing about 2/3rds of our basement! My dad, Justin and Jeremy worked so hard on Saturday to get it all started. Jeremy has been working on framing up the walls every night he has free after work. Our goal is to have the walls framed and drywall up by the end of the first week in September (he's on vacation that week and should HOPEFULLY get a lot of work done!)

Everything else has been going well. We have been enjoying time with each other before I have to get back to work--in less than a week!!

Hope everyone is doing well! Can't wait to have a party in our new basement! :)