Monday, June 22, 2009

Like father like son!

Oh he's still such a kid at heart! :)
I'm not sure who likes the slide more...Blaine OR Brennan?!?
We used some gift cards from the surprise baby shower to order this MUST HAVE. Haley has one and said it's one thing we definitely need to invest in. It's an ANGEL CARE MONITOR that detects breathing/movement of baby while sleeping. A LOUD alarm will go off it it is not detected after 20 seconds. Since we, well probalby mostly me, will be slightly overprotective with our little girl, I think this is a VERY good investment!!!
Oh. And look at this little booty!!! :) And his tan!!

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Jason & Katie said...

Used the same monitor, and it actually alarmed once with Addie. Freaked me out, but I was so glad I had it.