Monday, June 15, 2009

Some pictures

I think we have an outfit for miss Mia to have her "first picture" taken in at the hospital!!! I knew that I wanted something simple and when I got the onesie from my friend, Emily, I thought how cute would that be for her pictures!! :) I am not sure if we will do a hat or headband....the hat is from Mia's unmet friend, Lachlan, and the headband is from DeAnna!This is what I did most of the day today...and all afternoon yesterday!!! I love being in the pool! It makes me feel weightless! :)
Haley and I soaking up the rays at mom and dad's house!
Look at this cute guy enjoying the pool as well!!
LOVES to swim!
And pretty sure he LOVES his Aunt Mandy!
Jeremy's band played at the Cole Porter festival this past weekend in Peru. Here he is rocking out with 2 of his bandmates!
And guess who came too? Cami and Kolin were up for the weekend for a wedding and decided to come out to Peru as well!!! Cami is doing GREAT and you can follow her blog and her progress!


crazy/beautiful said...
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crazy/beautiful said...

I like the headband a lot, and I think the outfit is super-adorable!

Anonymous said...

Cute outfit! I like the headband with it, especially if she has lots of hair. :)
Love the pool pics too. Hopefully the sun will stick around and you can enjoy a few more days soaking in the pool.
That is awesome that your sis-in-law is doing so well!!!

Anonymous said...

Mom was there too!!!!!!!!!!!