Sunday, December 28, 2008

Christmas and Jeremy's band! OH! And our New Furniture!


Every Christmas since I was quite young, my Uncle Norm and I have exchanged 'gag' gifts to one another. This year, it was so funny when we both opened our presents and realized that we had gotten each other the same plush animal!!! Well, almost.... I bought him the snoring cow and he got me the snoring duck. I guess great minds think alike!!! I will be adding this one to my GIANT bag of stuffed animals that I have received from him over the years. I will have to take a picture of all of them to show you how long this has gone on! :)

The "DEETER" family at the Tanguy Christmas!!! We had a tacky 80's Christmas party at Nanaw's house this year. As you can see, Jenn, Haley and myself all have some pretty sweet matching tights. Mom didn't think hers matched, so she didn't wear her pair--cause we all matched! ha!

Really. Does this need an explanation? "It's Christmas and I'm EXCITED!"

Jeremy and I at the Tanguy Christmas in our tacky sweaters. Be jealous--you know we look hot.

Jeremy and Aunt Polly won the competition for the BEST sweaters!!!

Brennan and I cheesin' it up in front of the camera!!! Could he be ANY cuter?

Rena, Haley, Jenn and myself (mom in the background)at Jeremy's gig on Saturday night. They played at the Moose lodge here in Logansport. What a huge crowd they had!!!!! A great night with great music and lots of family and friends!

Awww..Missy and Mark came to listen to Jeremy's band!!! He has lots of groupies.
Siblings. Love them--only cause I have to. HAHA! :) Love you two!

PREGNANT sisters! :)

And FINALLY...the big reveal. Our new furniture!!!! This was my Christmas present!!! And well, the entire basement! I have been wanting to finish the basement ever since we bought the house. My awesome husband put his carpenter skills to work--along with some of our other family members--and we now have a finished basement!! Still have a little work to do--hanging things on the walls, touching up some paint and putting in a door. (We had to take the door frame out to get the new furniture in--it's was too big to fit through the old frame, but it was what I liked the best!! Gotta do whatcha gotta do!


Sara said...

I tried to leave a comment, but no such luck. So here I go again!

Love the furniture - it looks very comfy! I also love the u/s pic - labeling the parts makes it so much easier to read. LOL!

Hope you are feeling good!

El said...

Basement looks great! Love the ultrasund pictures...what a cute baby! Thinking of you over the holidays, and of COnnor.

Anonymous said...

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