Saturday, April 12, 2014

Dear Mia,

Dear Mia,
It's hard to believe that daddy and I took you to kindergarten roundup this past week. Our beautiful baby girl is preparing to begin her trek through elementary, jr ,and high school. You are something pretty special to daddy and mommy. Although you are our oldest living child, you are our second born. You will never, EVER know how extremely special you are. You were our baby we longed to hold after we lost your big brother. You brought life back into our lives. You made us smile again. You made us appreciate life again. You made us happy again. You, baby girl, are the reason we get up and go everyday. You have grown and changed so much in the past 4 3/4 years. Here are a few things that make you, YOU!

1. You have the SWEETEST dimple on your left cheek.   
2. You ask to wear a dress about            
3. You LOVE music and dancing!                                     
4. You want to keep your hair long--Like Rapunzel :)      
5. You adore your brother and hate to be away from him.
6. You are an amazing little reader!                                   
7. You love playing house and mommy.                           
8. You get sassy when you don't do something perfectly.
9. You would rather eat junk food than healthy meals!   
10. You're kind and generous and unique!                          
You have been in preschool for the past 3 years and have learned and grown so much. We are sooooo very blessed for your Nina and Poppy and all of their special helpers that have guided you over the past 3 years. Without them, we would be lost.
This is our last summer to enjoy before you become a student at Thompson Elementary!! We plan to make many memories with you, your cousins, aunts and uncles ,mimi ad papaw and mamaw and Mike. Playing in the driveway, taking bike rides, spending our days in the pool, going camping in Michigan, and most importantly--watching our new house getting built just down the road from Deeterville!
Dearest Mia, Remember to treat others how you would want to be treated. Make lifelong friends. Respect your teachers. Learn lots. Have fun. And stay out of the principal's office!!
We love you unconditionally!!!
Daddy and Mommy 


Sara said...

Love this post! Mia is so grown up and beautiful. Can you even believe our girls are going to be in kindergarten??

Heather said...

Hi Mandy! My name is Heather and I have a question about your blog that I was hoping you could answer! If you could email me at Lifesabanquet1(at)gmail(dot)com that would be great!