Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Just another day

So here is just a little update on the basement!!! Jeremy and I have put A LOT of time and hard work into our basement. Jeremy has done so much work from framing, to wiring, and hanging drywall. I was even able to put a few screws into the drywall while we were putting up the last two pieces of the ceiling! The ceiling was the hardest part to do because towards the end we weren't able to use the jack to lift up the pieces of drywall. So, I would hold the pieces up with my own strength while Jeremy QUICKLY put in enough screws to hold up the ceiling before my arms gave out on me!!! We, well I, hope to start priming and then painting the walls by Friday or Saturday. We are trying to decide on a color for the walls--it's either going to be a deep green color called painted turtle, or a rich maroon color. I will decide when I go to Home Depot again to spend some more money! Don't worry, I'll post pictures while we are in the process of painting to let you know what color we decided on! :)

Back into the workout area

Where the ping pong table will go

Family room area

This will be my view for the next 3 months!

Our girls hard at work!

So here we are in to the second week of swimming. I took a few pictures tonight at practice just to see how my camera would do. I'm sure there will be many more to come as we get further into the season!

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