Sunday, November 9, 2008

Game Night and some Painting!

Cami is supposed to pose her partner into a
certain word or set of words--they didn't get it!

Cami making a 'veggieburger' that Kim was
supposed to guess.

Jeremy forming something out for their turn.

Colin had to draw a picture with his eyes closed
and I was supposed to guess it.

Painting trim in the garage!

We chose painted turtle, it's a really pretty
green color. 1st coat is done!

Only one more coat and we will be finished

ALMOST finished basement!

This weekend we spent hanging out with family and working in the basement!! Saturday night Jeremy's mom and Mike were home from Evansville and we had game night where we played cranium and catch phrase. We had an absolute BLAST!!! Sunday, I have spent the day with my mom and dad in the basement painting! Jeremy had to go to Indy with his buddies from his band to record a demo CD. Hopefully he'll be very impressed when he gets home!!! Hope to have some carpet down there by Thanksgiving!!!
Brrrr... where did the warm weather go?


Anonymous said...

I LOVE the color! Looks like things are coming along! Cant wait to see the pics of it finished!
I agree.. brrr!

El said...


Wow, isn't it strange how many similarities people have? My heart is aching for you, but I also have so much hope for your family. Know that I know just what you are going through and it SUCKS! =) I didn't see your son's name on your blog, but he is so perfect and gorgeous! What a beautiful family. I would love to talk more with you...when I look back at myself this time last year, it was such a hard time. I won't write you a book here, but I want to email you! In case I space, PLEASE email me...ellyn (at)

El said...

OK, wait. I had to comment again. Do you live in Indiana?! My husband and I are from there! John is from Lafayette and I am from Fort Wayne. What a small world!

And I now see your baby's name is Conner. What a beautiful name.