Sunday, November 2, 2008


Garrett and Faith came Trick or Treating!

Brennan and I on Halloween!

Jeremy, Me, Maria and Mike at the PU/Michigan tailgate!

Jeremy singing with Bruce! The crowd LOVED him!

Me and Maria

Jeremy and Me!

What a LONG and BUSY weekend!! Friday night we hung out at home for the trick or treaters until about 8:00. Then Jeremy's band had a gig in Kokomo for Halloween night!! Here he is rockin' out!!

We both got about 2 1/2-3 hours of sleep Friday night before we had to wake up and get ready to leave for tailgating at Purdue on Saturday!! It was ROUGH getting out of bed for the both of us, but we are true Boilermaker fans!!!! We had a great time tailgating!! PURDUE EVEN WON!!!! It was a great game to watch and the weather was absolutely BEAUTIFUL! After the game we went back to tailgate and hung out for a little bit. Then we went to Harry's for a drink and then headed to the Cactus to go to the piano bar. It was the petrone family and Jeremy and myself. Bruce even got Jeremy to get up and sing even though he was extremely tired and didn't think he had much of a voice from the night before. The crowd loved him!! And I think if he wouldn't have been so tired he would have done a few more songs!

Today we have been working in the basement ALL day. We had to finish up a few pieces on the ceiling and the outer wall. We have it all FINISHED!!! Jeremy doesn't have to hang any more drywall!!! It's all cleaned up down there and we are ready for the drywall guys to come over to mud and sand it so I can start priming and painting it!! We have to decide on a wall color and some carpet in the next week or so!!

I will do my best at keeping my posts up to date--HALEY! Swim season is here so it's going to be a busy next 3 months!!!!

Hope you all had a great weekend with this beautiful weather!!!

Much love!

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Justin, Haley, Jayden, Lynnsey, Sydney said...

thanks for updating bitch you were slacking a bit! :) can't wait to paint! i like pink...that would be pretty!