Sunday, May 10, 2009


Mom and dad came over today to help Jeremy and i do some yard work and hang stuff in the basement. Dad ran the powerwasher, Jeremy mowed, and mom and I pulled weeds and re-mulched the landscaping.
Ahhh...we don't have a neglected yard anymore!
Looks SO much better!
Jayden came over on Saturday morning so Aunt Mandy could babysit him while his mommy could take care of her dialysis patients and his daddy could get his mowing done. Here he is getting ready to eat his entire hand.
We celebrated Justin's birthday on Saturday night with pizza, cake and ice cream. I was in HEAVEN! :) Blaine and Jenn are babysitting Ben (on the left) for another week. He and Brennan are pals. Brennan was awful sweet on his Aunt Mandy Saturday. Guess he missed me :) He'll have to come hang out with me this summer before his newest cousin arrives. Do you think he could get any cuter? I just want to steal him!!!

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Happy Mother's Day!!