Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Charliehorse--OW CHARLIE!

Shall we compare how much bigger I am this time around? I think there is quite a BIG baby in the making.
30 Weeks with miss Mia!!!
(Zoe was miss photogenic tonight)

30 weeks pregnant with Connor.

I can still see my feet! :)

HOLY LEG CRAMPS!!!!!!!!!!!!! I woke up this morning and headed off to the Y for my morning swim with Cyndi. I had some faint leg cramps in both of my legs. I swam, stretched them out a bit and headed off to work. They were a little bothersome all day, but it didn't get bad until 2:15. I was seeing my second to last speech group of the day when all of a sudden, I thought I was going to scream. I got a sharp pain in my left calf--I couldn't straighten out my leg nor could I put any weight on it!!! I was on the verge of crying when I had to send my group back to class early. After my left leg finally let up, the RIGHT one started in! I think I would much rather have heartburn or constipation instead of these killer charliehorses. UGH!
Scale read in today at 158!! I actually went down a pound from last week. As long as I don't gain 22 lbs in the next 8 or so weeks, I will have done better with my weight gain this time around! My ultimate goal is to not get over 165, but those last couple weeks will be tough to not eat every nutty bar in the pantry! :)
Grad school has been going well. I really enjoy my neuroanatomy class. It's detailed information, but basically just a memorization class. I'm also taking a research methods class that will probably end up sending me into pre-term labor. It stresses me out just thinking about the class and the 10 page paper, 2 tests, 10 quizzes, and 10 discussions that are all due by July 28th!!!!
We are hosting Cami's college graduation party this weekend. She graduated from Ball State last weekend! CONGRATS CAMI!! Hopefully this rain will let up and allow us to be able to hang out outside!!
Time to go soak these poor, pathetic legs in a hot bath......

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Sara said...

Oh girl - I hear ya on the leg cramps! When I read your comment on my blog, I wanted to give you a sympathetic hug!
Belly is looking good - you can still see your toes so that is a good thing. I think our girls are gonna be kinda big!
Hope your legs are feeling better.