Saturday, May 23, 2009

Angels among us.

This is my sister-in-law, Cami. She was in a horrible head on collision on Thursday, May 21st. A day that has forever changed her life. Some woman crossed over the center line and hit her head on. Cami had just enough time to swerve to left left just a LITTLE bit..... She had a few angels watching over her Thursday morning. One of those just might have been her little angel nephew, Connor James. She has a shattered right wrist, a broken left shoulder, a broken right ankle, a broken left knee, multiple scrapes, bruises, and pieces of glass jammed into her skin, all over her body. But you see, she's still smiling......
She just graduated from Ball State on May 9th. She and her husband had plans and dreams on the next adventure for their lives. One stupid mistake by this woman has put a hold on their plans. A young girl full of energy, life and talent is now confined to a bed. She can't feed herself, scratch her itches or move to a comfortable position where she isn't in some sort of pain.
My heart aches for her.
Why this girl?
Sometimes I wonder why God does the things he does. They say he only gives us what we can handle....but dang, this just doesn't seem fair. She's hurt, she's sad, she's frustrated. We'll never know the answer why, but we can thank him for her still being here--even if that means she's broken up in many different places. It was hard to see her lying in that bed knowing that there was nothing I could do for her. Here are a few pictures of her and her car (which they just purchased over Mother's Day weekend).

Here is her shattered wrist being held together by pins and a rod.
Her broken ankle and broken knee...

And now pictures of what's left of her chevy Malibu.
(passenger side)
Front of the car.
The dashboard.
A picture of the crash on the front page of the newspaper.
Please say and extra prayer for Cami and her husband as they have a long road to recovery ahead of them. It will be long and frustrating for them, but she's here, Thank God.


Sara said...

Oh my - the pictures of her car are shocking. She is proof that angels are watching over us - and that she, of course, has a special angel in Connor.
I am so sorry that this has happened to Cami. After seeing those pics, it is truly amazing that she is alive. I will keep her in my prayers. Please let us know how she progresses and heals.

Suzi ~ said...

She is one lucky girl. God was looking out for her. He works in strange ways.

Suzi Troyer
(Chelsea Leedle's cousin)

Tasha said...

Oh.My.Goodness.I got chills when I saw the car.I will be praying for her.God sure must have a great plan for her life.

The Leedle's said...

Ugh...that is so intense I can not believe her injuries, the car, and the unfortunate news, but AM SO GLAD that she is alive. We will continue to pray for her, and her health. A huge blessing from Connor...what an angel ;)

Pam said...

OMG Cami --- I am just so happy you are alive. I cannot even begin to imagine the pain you are in. It breaks my heart to see your pictures, but I'm glad Mandy posts them for me (yep, all for me!).. I'm looking at the update that Mandy posted (for me) and I swear you look just like your mom and the two of you look just like Helen Hunt!! Gorgeous!

Mandy, could you post one of Kim and Cami both for me? I'd surely appreciate it. I know your mom said that Mandy is perfect in her eyes (and I have to agree) but I think you are too! God puts us in places for a reason ... we may not understand but if it is to glorify God then I am all for it! Easy for me to say, right?! (Until I've slept in your hospital gown, how would I know?!) God has blessed you with such a loving family .. We are praying for you and for everyone giving of their love and time to you. Thank you Mandy for posting pics for me!! I hope you and Jeremy are doing two and your little one to be are in our prayers as well ... Love, Pam aka Aunt Mabel