Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Next appointment will be

at her 12 month checkup? WHAT!!!
No way is my baby 9 months old!!!
18lbs 7oz
27 3/4 inches long (seriously a hair shy of 28-she wouldn't give it to her!) :)
Growing in the 50%ile in both height and weight curves!

This face....she cracks me up and lights up my life!
Her alltime favorite snack..

I have the best job in the whole world, taking care of my sweet babe.
Paging Dr. Reyes....we are ready for our checkup!
9 amazing months with the sweetest, most awesome little girl, that brings her daddy and I more happiness than we could ever have dreamed of.
Thank goodness I only have 6 1/2 weeks of work left. Then Mia and mommy have 11 full weeks to spend every second of every day loving and learning from each other. Hurry summer, hurry!


Chelsea Corwin said...

she is such a doll! i have some good pictures of Rease in her headband (she wore one of them on Easter) so I will email you a couple soon!

Micah said...

She is too cute for her own good! Hope the rest of school flies by for the both of us! :)

Sara said...

9 months has gone way too fast! Mia is auch a cutie-pie!