Thursday, November 19, 2009

We're here :)

24 1/2 Inches Long

12 lbs 12 oz of squeezable sweetness
Melting the heart of her daddy everyday
Mia's 1st craft! She made this at her babysitter's house!
Mia's Thanksgiving Turkey
Thankful for those tiny little hands that made her turkey's feathers.........

I've been experimenting...... Mia has decided to NOT sleep through the night anymore :( We stopped swaddling her and thought maybe that was why. Come to find out, we think that she wasn't getting quite enough to eat. She has gone from eating 3-5 oz bottles at Christina's to eating 3-7 oz bottles!! She's a HUNGRY GIRL!!!!! I even broke down and tried cereal Monday night. She ended up with more on her clothes than in her tummy, I think! That was a rough night...she was up 4 times, so I don't know if the cereal gave her a tummy ache or what happened!!!

No more cereal mommy. Dr. Reyes said I didn't need it :)


Chelsea Corwin said...

Good luck trying to get Mia back to sleeping through the night. We are still working on that with Rease :( She did it for about a week over a month ago and I haven't gotten her to do it again since. She had her 6 month check up this week and her doc said there is no reason for her to need to eat at we're working on it to. She was getting up 2 or 3 times a night for the last month. It really makes for a short night for a breastfeeding mom! (Maybe Jeremy gets up, but I know Chris never does since he isn't much "help" with feeding). Hopefully you get her back to sleeping through soon! I guess I am just used to it since she has yet to do it consistently like Mia....

Sara said...

Have you heard that many babies go through a sleep regression at around 4 months? Apparently because they are working on mastering new skills or something like that. Yeah, I am not looking forward to it. So far Payton is still doing well with her sleeping.

Payton eats about 30 ounces a day. Her first and last bottle are 6 ounces and the others are 5 1/2. But I think she is ready for more so this weekend we are going to try all of her bottles at 6 ounces.

I hope Mia starts sleeping better! I know that when P does wake up, the night seems to drag on. I will be thinking good thoughts for you guys!

Kyle and Karie Wong said...

Hi Mandy!

Mia is so adorable! I was just looking at her pics again on my moms website and I just love #23 with the big flower headband :) Just thought i'd tell you!