Tuesday, November 24, 2009


I was informed tonight I was being a blog slacker :) Here are some pictures from our fun weekend!!!
Welcome Jayden William, to All Saints Catholic Church!!!

Haley, Justin, Jayden, Stu & Rita (the godparents)
Look at that sweet little man :)

Mia watching the colts and playing with Jayden's book. Poor thing doesn't have any "fun" toys at home, so she plays with Jayden's when we go over to his house!!
Mommy & Mia!
Super cheesey Mia
Lookin all cute in her tommy dress that we got from sweet angel Parker.
Brennan in his tommy sweater and mia her dress. I have a feeling these two might be getting into some trouble!!!!!!!

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Anonymous said...

congratulations on the baptism of your child! How wonderful to have another beautiful soul in our Church!