Sunday, October 4, 2009

Weekend Fun.

I thought I would start the post with a shampoo mohawk :)
Today Haley, Jayden, Mia and myself went to Indy for DeAnna's baby shower! Here are a few pics from our lunch! Look at baby Fletcher! He'll be here on FRIDAY!DeAnna always loves on Mia. Mia and Fletcher are going to be best buds.
Us after lunch and DELICIOUS cake!
Mia's trying to grab DeAnna :)

Saturday we went to a VERY depressing Purdue game. The best part was the halftime show!!
Maria and I at the game!!

Friday night Cyndi, Haley, Jenn, Mom and I all ran a women's only 5k! We had SO much fun together!!!!
Here we are after the race!

That's me running!!! I'm ALMOST done!!!! I ran it in 27:52.
And here we are after the race!

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Jason & Katie said...

You machine!!! 27:52 postpartum time, NICE!!! Way to go Mandy, impressive!