Wednesday, October 7, 2009

3 MONTHS!!!!

Here is sweet little Mia in her $1 Candy shirt and adorable tights (From Target) :)

Jenn, Brennan, Haley, Jayden, Me & Mia went swimming at the Y tonight!!!!
We decided that we need to keep the kids in the water so that when summer rolls around, they will be ready to go down the slide and jump off the side!!! They all 3 LOVE the water!!
Mia showing off doing her backfloat!
Mommy & Mia!!!

Mia!!! Happy 3 months!!! :)
Mia's baptism is this Sunday, so be sure to check back for pictures!! Her gown is made out of my wedding dress!!!! It's going to be BEAUTIFUL!!!!!! THANKS CINDY!! :)


Em said...

AWW! I love the top picture, her hair bow is sooo cute!!! Ok, Well I love all the pictures!!!

Sara said...

Happy 3 Months!!

The Leedle's said...

happy 3 months Mia-Mia! Wow...that time has flown by fast...prolly too fast, eh? Love the pool she'll be a great swimmer like her mommy! hope the baptism goes super well and can NOT WAIT TO SEE PICS of her gown! I bet it's absolutely beautiful!