Tuesday, September 1, 2009

8 weeks. 13 days.

Mia is 8 weeks old today!! And I have 13 days left to love love love on this special little girl before I have to head back to work...... I miss my co-workers and kiddos, so it will be good for me to get back to work and into a routine again! I HATE to have to leave her (maybe because I'm slightly overprotective of her) but there are bills to be paid! :)

My friend, Tara, drew this picture for Mia. Babies see in black and white. So when she gets her diaper changed, she's always fixed on the zebras!!!
And now, our 8 week photoshoot!!!!!!

Last night we went and had some professional family pictures taken. I took a few before we left in Mia's BEAUTIFUL blue dress!!! THANKS SARA! :)

I think Mia's colors are definitely light blue and pink :)


Sara said...

8 weeks!! Good grief - time is flying by.
I love the two ponytails - and blue and pink are absolutely her colors!
I am not going back to work until the end of October - but some days I wish I were going back sooner (even though I am loving being home with Payton). I miss my coworkers.

Emily said...

Love them!!! :) Enjoy the time off with her!

Anonymous said...

Oh, those pigtails are killing me...so cute!!!

Enjoy your last few days off with that precious little pumpkin! :)

Unknown said...

isn't she the cutest little thing!

how do you get those rubberbands to stay in? i try it with mayce, but they always fall out??

goodness...don't they grow fast!