Sunday, September 27, 2009

Boiler Baby & our 1st 5k!

Even though our Boilermakers are having a hard time, Mia's still one of their biggest fans :)

Mia and Mommy at their 1st 5k run! The BeeBumble in Burnettsville, IN!
Mia's Mimi ran, too!!!
Emily and Evan before the race!!
Mia and I have been training with Emily and Evan for the past few weeks!!! We were able to run quite a bit before I went back to work, but now it's hard to find time!!!
After our 1st run with our babies!!! We were very happy with finishing in 33 minutes!!
Look at the cute hat I found for Mia at a garage sale!
Making a funny face while being a big girl!


Sara said...

I love the Bumbo seat - when did you start using it?? I am thinking of getting one for Payton.

Congrats on your run! You should be proud!

Hope work is going well. :)

Missy said...

I cant believe how much she is changing! She is as cute as ever! You best be bringing her to the party on the 10th! Good job on the run! See you soon!