Saturday, August 15, 2009


Do you know how much I love waking up on a Saturday morning (even though it's a bit early) to see Mia's bright eyes? I feed her and then she snuggles in bed with daddy. I love Saturday mornings with my family. :)
Today has been a nice day, just us 3 hanging out all day. Well, most of the day! I did take Mia for a run early this morning with Emily and Evan. Then Jeremy, Mia and myself went to the mall and grocery store. We have spent the afternoon at home. I went outside for about an hour and took a nap on my raft in the pool while Jeremy and Mia took a little snooze in the chair!
And who could forget miss Zoe, she loves her afternoon naps as well!

Mia and daddy relaxing. Must have been a long morning for Mia, she's worn out!

Here she in on our way to the mall. Jeremy thought it was funny because it looks as though she's looking out the window!
Mia went to her first cookout at Dick and Kathy's house. It was a bit hot, so we had to take her shirt off!! Her little body couldn't quite handle the heat, so we couldn't stay too long!
Look at that belly!!
I'm going to continue to just relax with my family. I love it. I have a real life family now.

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Unknown said...

aww she is so cute..and growing so fast it goes by like a flash of light..i miss kyland being tiny lol now hes about 30lbs hard to lugg around lol..but its so much fun!!