Sunday, August 9, 2009

New Toy!

A Samsung 55 Inch LCD T.V.
Jeremy's new "baby"

We have a little rearranging to do, like moving the clock and adding some pictures of Mia to the wall!
Oh....and how could I do a post without some pictures of Miss Mia???

My friend, Emily and her little guy Evan, went for a run on the Riverbluff Saturday morning!
Mia enjoying the new T.V.!
I think she likes tummy time!!
Look at those beautiful, blue eyes!
I'm thinking if I put some gel in her hair it would stay curly!
Hmmm....think she's going to get lots of curls?


Missy said...

Love the pics!!!! That is the same tv stand we have! It took Mark forever to put together...I believe some cussing was involved! It looks great though! :) Mia is looking like she is going to have some curls! :) Yay! She is so cute!

Kyle and Karie Wong said...

I love Mia's little curls!! So precious!

Sara said...

Love the curls! Payton was born with some wave but it is gone!

Nice tv - I will not show my hubby bc he will be jealous!