Wednesday, February 18, 2009

18 weeks and another pound!

Here was the gas filled belly at 17 weeks!!!!

Here is the belly feeling much better at 18 weeks!

The ALMOST finished plate of special "K" bars that my Katy K brought to me on Tuesday--along with the Single Ladies CD!!!

Things have been going really great!!! I had been fighting some really horrible gas type pains in my lower left side of my belly. I'm not sure why, but after fighting it for 4 day, it finally disappeared!!! I hope that doesn't come back!! Weighed in this morning at 144 lbs! Another pound I have gained making that 2 pounds so far!!! Let's hope that I don't get on a 1 lb/week type of pattern! :)

We have 60 entries for Connor's 5k!!! I'm so excited that we have such a great turnout ALREADY! Get your entries in quickly so that you can get the t-shirt and bracelet!

I have lots to do tonight to get some things ready for a fundraiser that Jake at Amelios is helping us with.

Hope to be posting pictures of BABY RAMER here pretty sure!!!!!! She's JUST ABOUT 4cm dilated and will go at any time!!!!!

Too much to do, so little time!


Sara said...

Oh my gosh! Baby Ramer will be here so soon! Can't wait to see pictures.

When did you say you are going to find out baby's gender? That will be fun to find out, don't you think?

Sorry about the gas pains! That is so uncomfortable. :(

El said...

Can you call the doctor and say you'll be out of town the week of your ultrasound and maybe move it up? That'd be great.

Anonymous said...

That is so exciting your little nephew will be here soon! YAY!

Will you send me an entry form? Or two, if we each need one.

Can't wait to find out what you're having! You're looking awesome!

- Mighty B said...

Your belly is so cute - but I think that my favorite part about those pics is that it looks like you have the same clothes on the ironing board in both of them...a week apart! I love that.

I share your hate of laundry. We're too fabulous to worry about such trivial things.

Mandy & Jeremy Hall said...

The ultrasound tech is on vacation next week---that's when we were suppose to have the u/s!!! Trust me, I want to know so badly!! :) Only 2 more weeks....2 long weeks!