Tuesday, February 21, 2012

8 months

For Dane's 8 month birthday--he will be receiving a fashionable set up PE tubes!!!
Friday we go in bright and early for Dane's tube surgery (I'm not quite sure why they even call it surgery--the procedure takes a whopping 5 minutes!) :)

Here's Dane playing with his new favorite toy, his basketball!
(I think it's the "chew factor" that makes it his favorite!)

He sure was cheesin' it up for me today!

Mommy and her mama's boy! He's my last baby, so I'll let him be my snuggler :)

He's not crawling yet. But man, he sure can do a nice plank! He must have learned that at bootcamp! ;)

He's getting stronger standing up for short periods.

Praying these tubes help get rid of his recurring ear infections :( We've delt with 7, yes SEVEN, ear infections since October.
Love you baby Dane!

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