Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Celebrating, Connor James. 3/28/08

A day that has forever changed me. My heart still hurts, my anger is still there. My love for my son will never fade.

But this year, we are here to celebrate the lives of all of the precious babies who have left their parents all too soon.

Come out and celebrate your child's life on March 27, 2011 at 3:00 p.m.

(details below)

Here is what we are doing to celebrate our little man's birthday this year. And we would like to invite all grieving parents out for a community balloon release to remember their babies as well.

Here is the information:

Too many babies are lost each year. Too many babies go forgotten. Too many parents are left with an empty heart and a life full of grief.

Jeremy and I are organizing a community wide balloon release for ALL parents who have lost a child. A miscarriage, stillbirth, infant death, disease, trauma, accident, etc. A child should never leave this earth causing pain for his/her parents. We want to make a day for all parents to come tog...ether and remember their precious babies/children. Each parent that sends us the name and date of loss of the child (if it was a miscarriage, just the date-unless you have named the loss) and you will receive a balloon to release in honor of your loved one. There will be no charge.

We wanted to do something special again to remember our son, Connor James. His short time with us has affected us forever. Grieving is such a long and hard process to go through alone. Meeting people who have gone through something simliar has helped us in grieving Connor's death. By having a day for all of us grieving parents to come together may open up the opportunity for someone else to meet another set of parents who share a smiliar situation.

Feel free to invite any family members or friends out to the event to help you celebrate the life of your child. Support from family and friends will help you on this day.

Hoping to share this special day with other parents. Thank you in advance for those who are willing to participate!

If you would like a balloon to release in memory of you child, please leave me a comment or send me an email to:

Please have your child's name, birthday and name of the parents submitted to me by March 15, 2011 so that we can have an accurate balloon count.



Brian & Ashley said...

Such a great idea! I emailed one of my friends your link.

Sara said...

Such a nice way to remember and celebrate Connor!

I wish I lived in your area - I would love to come participate.

Would you still release a balloon for Samuel?

Samuel Lee
November 19, 2007
Sara and Matt

Momma_Duck said...

I would like some information about this balloon launch. Location, time, etc. I live in Peru, IN. My husband and I lost our baby Francesca Rose April 9, 2010, stillbirth at 37 weeks (no known cause of death). Praise God, we've been blessed with another baby- so far, completely healthy. Due May 4. You can email me at: duckwall_ms(at)yahoo(dot)com