Wednesday, January 5, 2011

My New Year's Celebration.

Mom, dad, Haley, Justin, Jayden, Blaine, Jenn, Brennan, Mia and myself all started the night off at the Pizza King in Flora! It was good and I ate WAY TOO much pizza and garlic bread!
Here the kids are "sitting" so nicely... (notice mine is the only one not sitting!)

This picture was requested by Brennan. He wanted to be in the middle with his cousins ;)

Brennan--letting us know we have only 1 minute until midnight! hehe
Toasting in the New Year with our sparkling grape juice! (Bren says, mommy said I can't drink this)

And we got this accomplished all before...
8:30! :)

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crazy/beautiful said...

Brennan is such a cutie loving on his cousins!