Sunday, February 21, 2010


My little Mia has had quite a past couple of weeks!! Ever since she turned 7 months old, she's been hitting some major milestones! Mia is now off and crawling to wherever she pleases, and once she arrives at her destination, she pulls herself up to stand!! She has been working on cutting a few teeth, too! Her bottom right tooth is poking through and it won't be long before the left one comes in! She is doing pretty well with them, I think. She will get a little crabby and start to chew on everything, so we just give her a little Tylenol and an ice cube wrapped up with a washcloth and then she's all better. Sometimes a little snuggle in mommy's arms and a nap will do the trick, too :)

Miss Indenpendent. Miss Determination. Wonder where she gets that from?
So full of smiles and giggles, so full of love.
Little Miss Mia's personality is really starting to show. She is shaking her head no, making silly noises at you and can totally play you to get her way!! We have started telling Mia no and tapping her hand when she gets into something she shouldn't be in (like the dog food and toilets) I think if we are consistent, she will learn quickly and be a better kid for it!!
I've recently started to incorporate some sign language while Mia eats and plays. I've been popping in her sign language dvd when we're playing on the floor and she really seems to like it! There have been lots of studies done that show an increase in language development and gestures through the use of sign language, so I'll incorporate it and see if/how she picks up on it! We'll see how it goes!

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Sara said...

Wow!! Mia has been a busy girl! Isn't it fun watching her learn new tricks - even if it is getting into the dog food?!

Love the pics!