Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Yum Yum

Mia started eating stage 1 baby food last Wednesday! We started her on peas. The first night she didn't really know what to think. Our Dr. said to only introduce 1 new food every 4 days. So by Saturday night she "licked" the container clean of peas! Sunday night we tried carrots. She spit all of them out. So Monday, we tried them again, spit them all out again. So I thought, maybe we'll try green beans. Nope, spit those out, too! So, tonight we mixed some cereal in with her green beans and she ate almost all of the mixture!! I suppose we will add cereal to it and slowly add less and less cereal. Overall, I think she's doing very well. It's a huge change from breastmilk to this crazy food for her! :)

We've also started giving her a sippy cup with either water or very watered down apple juice in it. Her poops have been like clay and sometimes she cries when she poops! :( So Aunt Haley told us to give her a little juice. It worked, thanks goodness! POOR THING! :)

She thinks she's hot stuff--and this is now her new favorite toy!

Look mom! I can stand by myself!
Mia is doing GREAT! She had a little bug last Tuesday night so I stayed home with a crabby girl on Wednesday. She never ran a fever, but she was definitely trying to fight something!!
I have less and less free time these days. Usually 5 of the 7 nights (after Mia goes to bed) I am busy reading and doing homework for school. I have 2 classes this semester and they are more work than what I have had in the past! So I try and get 3 hours of studying in a night, but sometimes I just crash out early and go to bed. Things are crazy busy, but I wouldn't have it any other way!


Sara said...

Food is pretty fun. P hates green beans but loved avocado. Loved it! I stopped trying new foods when she got sick because swallowing food was really hard for her. So we will try again in a few days.

Mia is so cute. Seriously, I just want to give her a squeeze!

Good luck with your classes! It will all be worth it in the end. :)

Missy said...

I can't believe how big she is getting! She is so stinking cute! She is going to be crawling around before you know it! Miss you guys!

crazy/beautiful said...

She looks so sassy in that picture with Jeremy; I love it!

Paige said...

she is just growing so fast! i am not looking forward to the messiness (if that is a word) of table food! breast feeding is so convenient and clean!!!