Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Food makes me happy :)

I'm sure you all remember Jeremy's excited look in the 25 week belly pic.....
WOAH. Baby is growing! (my butt remains to stay flat, boobs gigantic) 26 weeks!! I have a feeling she may pass her brother in birth weight. We don't have small babies in this family!!
After spending a WONDERFUL weekend with Jeremy, I knew that when I got on the scale today to expect a jump! Friday night we went to dinner (just the 3 of us) at Olive Garden-where I ate too many breadstick and 5 cheese baked ziti. It was delicious and I enjoyed every bite! After my workout and helping Jeremy's dad with his house on Saturday we headed to West Lafayette. We hit up the mall to get me some maternity shorts/capris and Jeremy got a new Purdue hat. (You know, football season is just around the corner!) I had mentioned earlier in the week how good Hooter's sounded, so we headed there for a late lunch early dinner. As we were sitting there, I remember Jeremy making a comment about how many chicken strips I gotten in my meal.....and I agreed thinking that there was no way I would be able to come close to eating them all. WRONG! They were so delicious, I only left one tiny bite. So back to the scale....This morning I tapped in at a whopping 155! Oops, I gained 3 lbs in one week. I'm not too worried though, I work my butt off 6 days a week at the Y at aerobics and usually try to swim 2 or 3 mornings. So I'm going to eat what makes me happy and hope to work off those extra calories that I don't technically "need".

Saturday night we had some people (well, Jeremy had some of his buddies over) to hang out and play some music. They get together when everyone is in town and have a little 'jam session' at one of our houses. I enjoyed hanging out in the basement listening to the guys sing, play guitar, play the bongos and laugh the night away.
A few pics from the night!


Sara said...

Happy 26 weeks!

Funny - I think my little lady is going to be bigger than her brother too! Maybe girls grow bigger? :)

Glad all is well!

Kim & Mike said...

Is the guy on T.V. jammin with the guys!? HAHA!

Megan Bennett said...

That Ziti meal is my LOVER!! Did you get the Black Tie Mousse Cake? After my HUGE meal at Olive Garden, no matter how stuffed I am, I MUST get that dessert... even if I take it home with me. It is a given. DELISH. Eat whatever, mama! Sounds like you are working it off just fine with all that exercise.

Missy said...

She really is growing in there...I was 8lbs 9 oz...maybe she will be like me :) You look amazing! I am glad to hear Olive Garden was good...the ziti is also my favorite, but you already knew that! Hope to see you soon! :)