Friday, November 16, 2007

IT'S A....................BOY!!!!

19 Weeks!

Hey everyone!!!
We had our ultrasound today and the little BOY is 11 ounces and around 6 inches long from butt to head!!! He would be 11 inches if they could stretch him out!!!
We are having the nursery painted with some Dr. Seuss characters over the weekend, so once that's done I'll get some pictures up to see!!!
Today is my birthday--and it has been probably one of the best birthday's ever!! We are so very excited!!!
Have a good weekend and stay warm!

Ultrasound pics...

The first pic is his foot.

The second and third pictures are profile views of him.

The last pic is pointing out his little penis and testicles!!

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Jodie said...

Congrats--So happy for you both

Take care of yourself