Thursday, September 20, 2007

Life is good.....

Hey all!!

Here it is at week 11!!! Some exciting news for this week..... We had a doctor appt. on Monday the 17th. Jeremy and I were both very excited because this was the first appointment where the doctor would let us listen to the baby's heartbeat. When the doctor wasn't able to find it with the doppler, we were both a little disappointed. He said it didn't show up on there for many reasons and not to be worried. Instead of packing up and leaving, the doctor took us back to the ultrasound room and we actually got to see the baby and it's little heart beating away. Wow...what a rush that was. It was finally "real"....there is something actually growing inside there!! He was nice enough to print out a couple of ultrasound pictures for us and now we've been showing off our little inch and a half fetus! :) Everytime I look at it I just still can't believe it!! It was such a nice way to start off the week! Our next appointment will be we can't wait for that!!

My body is starting to change and putting on some lbs!!! My pants are slowly getting tighter each day.....and I've pretty much grown out of all of my bras (if you cared). I hope you are all enjoying the updates!! Keep in touch!!

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