Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Welcome to the 2nd Trimester!

There's a baby in there!!!!!

Picture of where we started at 6 weeks...


Here we are at 14 weeks!!!

A shot of the belly at 14 weeks pregnant with Connor. Figured you would go back on my blog anyway to see what it looked like then compared to now--I did at least--so I might as well just post the comparison! :)

Ahh....what a relief!! Getting through that 1st trimester is such a blessing. You don't realize all of the things that can happen and go wrong until you have had the absolute worst outcome of them all. I feel like we can breathe easier now that we are here--2nd trimester. Chances of a miscarriage have dropped dramatically. I feel GREAT. I have made it out of my first trimester without gaining ANY weight. I am keeping track a little closer this time around....hoping that I don't gain another 40 lbs. I'm not ashamed to share my weight. And I'm putting it on here so I know where I have started when I go back and read this 5 years down the road. When we first got a positive pregnancy test I weighed 142 lbs. Our first Dr.'s appointment I think the scale said 141, but went back and forth between that and 142. I weighed myself this morning--butt naked and dry hair with a weight of 142. I was actually pretty shocked--considering I ate nothing but JUNK FOOD on Sunday. Not just a little. We're talking almost and entire bag of funyons, a king size reese stick and almost an entire bag of sour gummi worms. Guess who felt sick Sunday night? Yeah, that'd be the queen of junk food. And to top it off, I didn't get to work out Monday or Tuesday. So I'm going to have a bit more self control and not allow that to happen again. Well, at least until the last week of my pregnancy! :) Then, I may eat a couple nutty bars everyday!

I have been busy trying to get things organized and ready for our 5k run/walk we are having in memory of Connor to celebrate his "1st Birthday". There have been many generous businesses around town that have donated money and door prizes for our event. I've been sending flyers to local YMCA's and the local schools. My goal is to have 100 participants. That would be at least $1500 donated to the International Vasa Previa Foundation. I just received the t-shirt design today and I think it turned out really nice. It's very simple and to the point. It even has his EXACT handprint on the front of the shirt--taken straight out of his baby book. Not the actual size, but the actual hand print. To know that everyone will have a little piece of him on whenever they wear their shirt is pretty cool if you ask me. Using this race to promote the IVPF and the seriousness of this PREVENTABLE condition is just another step in helping us heal. A way to remember our baby boy and raising awareness. If his 71 minutes on this earth can save the life of just ONE baby...... I'll take it. We want him to be remembered forever. So if you would like a pamphlet to participate, let me know! I'll send one to you! And just so you know, you don't HAVE to run!!! You can walk!!!!!!

Ok. So my nephew is pretty much the cutest thing in the world....I'm sure you had no idea that I felt that way! Learning your body parts is so much fun for kids... Where are you eyes? Ears? Nose? Mouth? WEINER????? Ohhhh, Just watch the video!


El said...

Hey! You look great! I have a good feeling there's a good buddy for Seth in that tiny belly! Man, I wish I could participate in your 5k. We always go to NYC for Eli's birthday (And connor's, of course). Maybe if we don't end up going for some reason I'll see what I can do. =)

El said...

Oh yeah, but I do want a t shirt. When you get them can I buy one from you? I need a shirt with Connor's handprint. That's so cool.

Sara said...

You look so great! Looks to me like this baby is up higher than Connor was - just my opinion!

Good for you for not gaining any weight. I am seriosly struggling - I really haven't changed my eating, but I wasn't a healthy eater in the first place. So I am just trying to get by! LOL :)

Yay for 2nd tri! I will be joining you tomorrow! I am hoping to have a little energy back so I can start walking the dogs, etc...

Great update! And your nephew is so stinkin' cute!

Nicole Tocco said...

Hi Mandy!! Congratulations on your new little one...I follow your blog often because I'm always checking out Haley's. I'm so happy for the both of you! I was wondering if I could get more info. about the 5K you're organizing. I don't know if the pamphlet is something you can email, if so, here's my email: Otherwise, my address is 5378 E. 600 S., Walton. I'm pretty sure my mom & sisters would be interested too! Thanks!! I hope the organizing continues to go well!!

Nicole Tocco

Kim said...

Mandy you are looking so cute with that little belly. Dont worry about the 40 pound weight Gain. With my first I gained 65lbs and my second 50. You work our so much it will be gone before you know it. I would love info about the race. Thanks so much.