Wednesday, January 14, 2009

13 weeks--From the kitchen of Betty Crocker

So as a request from Haley, I have begun my weekly belly pictures. I wasn't going to do weekly pics again this pregnancy, but she was not happy when she heard that!!! So as long as I remember, I will get a picture up once a week. Last pregnancy, my belly went from 28 inches to 47 1/2 inches around. I was HUGE! My starting weight was 140lbs and I weighed in at 180 the day of delivery. Telling you, just HUGE!! So huge, my skin was stretched much further than it was made to stretch---and you know what happens when your skin stretches further than it was meant to stretch? You get these lovely 'mamma marks' called stretchmarks. Yep, I have them...many of them actually. At first I was really embarrassed by them. Then, it became a constant reminder of going through a pregnancy and not being able to take home that grand prize. Now, I have become more proud of them and realize that they are there because I grew a healthy, beautiful baby boy whose life was taken because of human error and a bad decision during labor. So maybe I'll rename them from stretchmarks to my 'angelmarks'. My little angel left those for me...JUST IN CASE....there could have been a day where I wouldn't think of him. But that's something that will never happen, I can promise him that!!
So here is my belly at week 12 and you can compare this one to my 13 week pic!

Belly at 13 weeks. I can definitely tell that it has grown!! I couldn't comfortably button my pants today at work, so I slid on my bella band and sat at my chair doing therapy in comfort!!

Mystery T-Shirt!!
After I got home from the Y tonight, I found a package in the mailbox. I knew that I hadn't ordered anything, and was pretty sure that Jeremy hadn't ordered anything either! I'm not 100% sure who sent this to me!!! So, if the kind person who bought this for me, please let your self be known so that I can THANK YOU! :)

My 1st Meatloaf
So tonight I decided to make Jeremy meatloaf. I don't eat meatloaf. Never have, never will. Looks and smells gross. He has been talking about wanting meatloaf for about a week now, so I put my cooking skills to the test. (If you know me, I'm not one usually welcome in the kitchen!--I tend to set off the smoke detectors) I cut up fresh onions and peppers, followed the recipe I found on and made my first meatloaf. Unfortunately, the recipe called for Worcestershire sauce. The sauce had either gone bad or I put too much in the meatloaf. Jeremy was so excited to be able to have some meatloaf, but there was just something not quite right about it. I smelled the loaf and it had a funky smell to it. Hopefully it was just the sauce that was bad. Jeremy thinks that it would have been really good if the sauce was omitted or a little newer--we aren't exactly how old the sauce is.....could be over a year? I'm not sure! So I will attempt a meatloaf again and just not add the sauce and see if it tastes any better!!! So the first meatloaf was a flop!! Hopefully the blame won't be put on the cook and put on that dang sauce that is who knows how old!
The finished product!

That's me cutting up the onions for the meatloaf. Notice anything interesting in this picture?? :)


Anonymous said...

Hahahah so I was like hmm notice anything in this pic!?!? Hmm....I clicked to enlarge and first I saw my save the date....glad to see it made the fridge....but then the GOGGLES!!! You crack me up!

Anonymous said...

Hey----where are the peanut butter cracker wrappers---did he already eat all of them?????

Jason & Katie said...

That is pure genius!! I'm breaking out my goggles next time I have to chop up an onion.

Sara said...

OMG - I have totally worn goggles to cut onions before! Too freakin' funny!

Love the belly - you did pop a little this week! Are you noticing that you are getting bigger faster than you did with your first pregnancy? I am...

Take care!!!