Wednesday, January 28, 2009

15 Weeks .....10 months

Strictly Bedrest for YOU!!!!

My Lovely Baby Bump!
Here is the ever growing belly at 15 weeks!

10 Months Today......
The trek through the snow to visit the little man.

Well after a VERY LONG weekend, here we are-Wednesday already! Pregnancy wise, we are at 15 weeks. We went to the Dr. on Monday and heard the nice strong heartbeat and talked to the Dr. a bit. He had heard that I was sick and up in the ER and wanted to make sure I took it easy a couple of day because he said it might take that for my body to recover--and he was right! I am finally feeling like I'm back to normal. Back to working out, eating real food, feeling good. We are scheduled to go back to the Dr. the first week in March to see how this little guy or gal is doing! He reassured us that we will be having many ultrasounds and be visiting Indy to have their doctors take a look as well.
We didn't have school today--obviously--we got 4-5 inches of snow. So I ran some errands and cleaned up the kitchen, worked out and now getting ready to make some dinner. I did have to take little Zoe to the vet today. She has been having a lot of seizures lately. So we decided to call the vet and he thinks that she is better off taking some medicine to control her seizures. We HATE when she has them because there is nothing we can do for her except hold her and tell her it's going to be ok. I sure hope this medicine helps her!
Things for Connor's 5k are falling into place!!! I have the bracelets ordered and the entry forms have been filtering in through the mail!!! Just a few more minor details and we will be all set! I've got a great set of volunteers, so this should all go very smoothly!! I can't wait to send that big check to the IVPF in Connor's memory. What a rush it will be....
Oh and before I forget. My DD (dynamic duo) Mandy Butcher Started up a blog! YAY!!! She has joined the blogger world. I have linked hers under the blogs I follow--so check her out!
Time to go get dinner started before big daddy Hall gets home! :)

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Sara said...

You look great! And glad to see your sis still pregnant!

I cannot believe you are 15 weeks! Time is flying by, huh?