Thursday, January 8, 2009

12 Weeks!!!!

A little Comparison today!!!!!

Here is a picture of my belly at 12 weeks with Connor......

AND Here is a picture at 12 weeks with the newest Hall baby!
The week is ALMOST over! THANK GOODNESS!!!!! This week has been a bit tiring--you know, going back to work and all. Haley and I began swimming 2 mornings a week this week at the Y. She doesn't want to gain a bunch of weight in her last FEW weeks of her pregnancy AND I don't want to gain another 40 lbs with this pregnancy! We both love swimming and it's one of the best ways to exercise during pregnancy.
I think that my Dr. might think that I'm that "crazy pregnant woman"..... We were given an older doppler--to listen to the baby's heartbeat. Last night I decided I would use it, record the heartbeat, and post it on my blog. WELL, I couldn't find the heartbeat.... I tried not to panic.....and ended up callin my nurse (who is the GREATEST) and she had me come in right after school and found the little heartbeat right away---whew...I could breathe easy again. I told her that they are going to have to admit me to the state hospital because this pregnancy might make me go crazy. I'm trying to stay relaxed, but dammit, it's hard.
Tomorrow is the end to this short, but felt forever long, work week. Let's hope for a less stressful week next week......


Sara said...

I hear ya about the long work week - going back to work after a two week break has been exhausting.

Look at your little belly - and I do mean little! You look great - I have yet to get back into exercising. Maybe I should try swimming - I swam comptetively growing up and I do miss it!

I thought about getting a doppler, but haven't yet for the very reason you said. I am scared I won't be able to find it and then freak out! Hmmm, I might still though.

Enjoy your weekend!!

Abrah said...

You are a twig Mandy! :) You have every right to be paranoid about this pregnancy, but put your trust in the Lord. He has a much bigger plan! Praying for you!

Justin, Haley, Jayden, Lynnsey, Sydney said...

I love belly pictures...and i love that you posted both pics! and I HATE how skinny you are beotch! :)

AMEN for a less stressful week next can only get better!



Anonymous said...

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